Swimming AND Streaming with Sharks? Check Out this Video Live Streamed with VidiU & Sharelink

Tue, Dec 19, 2017

Live streaming sharks with Teradek VidiU and bonded Internet

*Sharelink received a major upgrade last month. Check out all of the new features here.*

I’ve seen some crazy live streams on the Internet, but this story really puts the live in live streaming! After seeing a local news station host a live broadcast from the shark-infested waters off the coast of Australia, cinematographer and diver Mitch Oates decided that he could do it better and cheaper. Here’s the video below: 


Now, Teradek isn’t suggesting you risk life and limb to get your content out there, but we have to admit that Oates takes live streaming to a whole other level. And he was wildly successful at it too! Sailing almost 20 miles off the coast of Australia with scuba gear, a shark-proof cage and some broadcasting equipment, Oates was able to achieve clear video & audio despite barely being able to see land!

So what was his secret to hosting such a crazy, successful live stream? The Teradek VidiU Pro + Sharelink. Sharelink is an Internet bonding service for VidiU Pros that can combine several Internet sources into one robust connection for live streaming. But its best part is its ability to combine up to 4 iPhone LTE hotspots and use their connections to deliver live video with redundancy. By having so many Internet uplinks working together, you could deliver a live stream with much more ease than a single Internet connection.

Teradek Sharelink bonds iPhone LTE hotspots for live streaming

Out in ocean, Oates used his VidiU Pro with a 4G/LTE modem and iPhone 6 LTE hotspot as his 2 Internet sources. Alone, one of these connections wouldn’t be able to stream anything due to the distance from shore where the nearest cell towers were. But thanks to Sharelink bonding, he was able to get a 720p live stream with clear, flawless video out to his followers. This stream reached over 100k views! 

“It 100% would not have worked without Sharelink and the VidiU Pro. Even though the Internet connection had such a slow upload speed, the video encoder inside the VidiU and the bonded connections made the pictures look fantastic on Periscope. I think the 100,000 people who tuned in were stoked that they were watching such a high quality video.”


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