Bonded Cellular WiFi Router

Internet Everywhere

Get blazing fast internet anywhere you go with Link Pro. Whether you require connectivity in natural disaster zones or on location in remote areas, Link Pro’s bonded network capabilities help you to get online from the most challenging places.

Hotspot on Steroids

If you ever wished for wireless internet connectivity as good as you have it at home, look no further. Link Pro is your scalable solution for internet bandwidth when you need it, offering a 600 ft. wireless range, dual band 2.4/5GHz operation, and compatibility with up to six 3G / 4G / LTE modems from any region around the world.

Redundant Network Connections

Link Pro allows you to combine bandwidth from Ethernet and cellular modems to ensure you have a reliable, high throughput connection to the Internet. That means anybody connected to Link Pro can surf the web, check their email, or transfer files from areas they otherwise couldn’t. Since all of the network connections are working together, the loss of any one link is immediately covered by the others.

To enable bonded connectivity, a subscription to Teradek’s Core platform is required.

For Mobile and Fixed Installations

Link Pro was designed to perform in variable environments, from mobile and vehicle applications to stationary operations in hazardous settings. There’s a model for any challenge you may face.

A subscription to our Core platform is required to get the most out of Link Pro. With Core, you can leverage multiple cellular data links at one time to surf the web, upload files, and more. Without a subscription, Link Pro cannot operate over bonded connections.


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