Explore Prism Prism is Teradek’s flagship encoder & decoder line. Refined over 4 generations, Prism provides secure, ultra-low latency 4K HDR streaming for video contribution, distribution, and collaborative decentralized workflows.

Prism Mobile The Bonded Cellular Solution
Prism Flex The Compact Solution
Prism Rack Unit The Scalable Solution

Need a Technical Consultation for Your Project?

Need a Technical Consultation for Your Project?

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*Camera-to-Cloud available when NFS is enabled.

Discover Workflows

See how Prism can be deployed in a variety of video applications

Bring in content from anywhere

Deliver high-quality content for live news and event coverage with an affordable and reliable bonded solution.

Share live video in real-time

Save bandwidth by encoding to HEVC and transcoding in Core to multiple endpoints or stream in AVC directly to your CDN.

Watch picture-perfect feeds wherever you are

Securely share live 4K HDR camera feeds with remote stakeholders via the cloud to computers, Apple TVs, smartphones, or tablets with Core Cloud.

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Unleash The Power Of Prism With Core Cloud

  • Manage your Prism fleet from the cloud

  • Route or distribute streams to multiple destinations

  • Transcode from HEVC to AVC for delivery

  • Monitor video feeds remotely with ultra low latency

  • Archive and securely share recorded content

  • Track real-time stream health and statistics

Building a Custom Setup?

Our Workflow Expert will walk you through:

  • Which Prism model is best suited to your application

  • How to configure Prism for various workflows

  • How to get the most out of Prism with Core Cloud

  • How Prism can integrate with other platforms and services

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Trusted by 3,400+ leading brands

Top brands rely on Prism to broadcast their live video around the world


*Manufactured under licence
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