For mission critical live broadcasts, the Bond line of cellular transmitters offer pristine video quality over redundant network connections, allowing you to go live from any location.

Rugged Design

Built to withstand the toughest newsgathering and live production environments, the Bond series of cellmuxes are crafted out of hardened aluminum and include professional Lemo connectors for power. Each model supports up to 6 simultaneous network connections via USB and come in either HDMI or HD-SDI configurations.

Bond Pro schematics designed to be rugged
Bond Web Configuration Interface on a Monitor showing advanced capabilities

Advanced Capabilities

Bond devices support variable or constant bit rate streaming up to 10 Mbps, closed-captioning, IFB, and multiple compression profiles (High, Main, Low).

Bond Pro, Bond II, Bond and stats


All Bond models can aggregate bandwidth from USB modems, WiFi, ethernet, and BGAN and support the RTMP, and MPEG-TS protocols.

For Cube users, the Bond Module can be used to add link aggregation functionality to your existing workflow.

monitors showing the Teradek Core User Interface

Cloud Codec Management Platform

Core is a cloud management platform where users can view, configure, and route all Teradek codecs and CDN accounts from any device with an Internet connection. Learn more about Core.

Logos of Compatible CDNs with Bond: Akamai Brightcove facebook Wowza and YouTube

Compatible with any Streaming Platform

Bond can stream to any online video platform and includes native integration with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Ustream, Livestream, and, offering a quick and seamless streaming experience.

Need to stream to your own private server? Bond products are also integrated with Wowza’s Streaming Engine.

Multipoint Streaming with Core

Using the Core Cloud Management Platform, Bond can publish a live stream to any number of online video platforms at the same time. Learn more about Core.

A diagram of the use of Bond in multipoint streaming with Core
Diagram of Bond doing Point to Point with Core

Point to Point

Bond cellmuxes offer network redundancy for live broadcasts from locations without adequate or stable uplinks. Each MPEG-TS stream can be fed over the Internet to a decoder located at your station or to your Core account in the Cloud where the feed can be routed to any number of locations, including CDNs.

Multipoint Publishing with Core

With Core, a single Bond device can stream to any number of destinations around the world. From an intuitive drag and drop interface, Core users can configure and route their Teradek encoder feeds to decoders, online video platforms, or even another company’s Sputnik server all in real time. Learn more about Core here.

Diagram of Bond using Multipoint publishing with Core

Closed Captioning

Bond devices support EIA-608 and EIA-708 closed-captioning via H.264 SEI insertion, as per SCTE 128-1.

A monitor with Closed Captioning on a video stream

Real-time Remote Monitoring

News stations, production companies, government agencies, and post-production facilities use Bond products to broadcast live HD video from anywhere in the world to their unique destinations. To monitor the incoming live feeds, the Core management platform provides an intuitive user interface for real-time observation of live broadcasts, allowing clients, staff, and other off-site parties to keep an eye on the footage from any location.

Core Management Platform

Core resides on Amazon’s EC2 web service, which allows users to securely view, configure, and monitor all online and offline Teradek codecs and CDN accounts from any Internet connected device. With a simple drag and drop interface, Core allows you to route all incoming connections to one or multiple destinations, including decoders and online video platforms. Each Core connection is SSL secured to ensure nobody but authorized users are viewing your content. Learn more about Core.

A workflow diagram of core management with Teradek Bond

Bond Monitor

The free Bond Monitor app for iOS devices allows you to monitor the status of your Bond encoder using information from its Sputnik server. The application offers information on link health, encoder settings, and other streaming parameters.

two iPads with the Bond Monitor app