Big News: Sharelink 2.0 is Here!

Learn more about Sharelink 2.0 pricing options here.

We’re excited to be releasing several exciting features that will enhance your VidiU Pro live streaming experience! Here’s an introduction to Sharelink 2.0:

  • Multi-Platform Delivery
  • Cellular Network Bonding
  • Remote Management

Multi-Platform Delivery

In response to widespread demand, VidiU Pro can now stream to multiple destinations at the same time! This means distributing the same video feed to several platforms while only using the bandwidth of a single stream.

Sharelink 2.0 users can stream to up to 5 destinations simultaneously, which includes multiple Facebook Pages and Groups and/or multiple YouTube Channels.

Cellular Network Bonding

Combine Ethernet, WiFi, USB modem and up to 4 iPhone LTE cellular signals to keep your stream healthy and pristine throughout the broadcast. Redundant Internet connections eliminates any single point of failure and ensures that if one connection drops, other connections will fill in to keep it running smoothly.

Additionally, go live from remote locations by wirelessly sharing your iPhone’s LTE data with your VidiU Pro. Simply set your VidiU Pro to Access Point mode, activate data sharing in the VidiU Pro app and you’re good to go.

Remote Management

Control, configure and manage your VidiU Pro streams from anywhere in the world. With the Sharelink web interface, you can adjust the VidiU Pro’s stream settings, destinations, start/stop and much more without having to be connected to the same wireless network.

Learn more about Sharelink 2.0 here.


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