Spark 4K TX (Transmitter)

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Transport your 4K HDR video from source to screen in 0.001 seconds with the Spark 4K Transmitter. The Spark 4K Transmitter is a component of our wireless video system that transmits premium quality video and audio to your desired HDMI destination at up to 500 feet. It’s the perfectly simple A/V solution for zero-delay wireless transmission, designed for everything from weddings, conferences, live sports, and trade shows, to table tops and cameras.

The Spark 4K Transmitter is what you need to effortlessly stream. The TX is simple to set up and helps to create a clean, organized work environment, wirelessly transmitting vivid images – with 10-Bit 4:2:2 color sampling and 4Kp30 resolution – at up to 500 feet. And thanks to a lightweight design, the Spark 4K Transmitter is perfect for on-the-move camera work.

With Spark 4K you can transmit in even the most crowded areas with confidence. That’s because Spark 4K uses 5GHz frequency for less sensitivity to line-of-sight obstructions and smart frequency hopping to automatically find a clear channel.

Key features of this streaming include dual-powering options (USB-C and Barrell Connector) for backup battery redundancy – with the transmitter having an internal battery life of up to two hours – signal status and pairing with the Launchpad desktop and mobile app, and multicast transmission. The Spark 4K Transmitter works with cameras, switchers, computer, and any self-generated video source.

Need a receiver? Visit the Spark 4K RX product page.

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