RT Single Channel Wireless Lens Control Kit

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Teradek’s RT Single Channel Wireless Lens Control Kit offers professional-quality lens control for either focus, iris, or zoom by utilizing Teradek’s RT CTRL.1 Single-Axis Wireless Lens Controller, RT MDR.S Compact 3-Axis Lens Control Receiver w/ Bluetooth, and RT MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor. This single-channel system was designed with speed and convenience in mind, giving you nearly silent, fast, and full control over your lens. This three-piece compact kit offers a lens-control configuration ideal for 1st ACs, camera operators, content creators, rental houses, and more. Each kit comes with focus rings and cables necessary to get started.

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RT CTRL.1 Single-Axis Wireless Lens Controller

The CRTL.1 Single-Axis Wireless Lens Controller offers wireless control of focus, iris, or zoom with up to 5,000 ft of range. Highlights of this wireless controller include compatibility with Teradek RT motors and receivers, a simple to use and read OLED menu system, lens mapping (imperial and metric), and the ability to support lens-mapping overlays on most SmallHD monitors. You’ll also get a long battery life – allowing you to shoot for up to a week – an illuminated focus knob with magnetic encoder, and Cinetape integration.

Teradek RT - CTRL.1 Overview from Teradek on Vimeo.

RT MDR.S Compact 3-Axis Lens Control Receiver w/ Bluetooth

MDR.S Compact 3-Axis Lens Control Receiver with Bluetooth is our affordable and compact receiver for lens focus, iris, and zoom control. This small but robust receiver weighs only 2.4 oz. – 30% smaller than its predecessor, MDR.X – making it simple to add to any smaller camera, drone, or gimbal without overcrowding or weighing down.

MDR.S allows for up to 3 channels of lens control, with the ability to daisy-chain up to 3 motors for a cleaner build. The camera control port allows users to start and stop recording from your RT hand unit.

The MDR.S receiver features FHSS wireless technology – which prevents interference – an OLED screen with a simple menu system, a replaceable and customizable external antenna, and maximum line-of-sight range of 5,000 ft. Using the MDR.S’s integrated Bluetooth, you can remotely control your lens with the Teradek RT app for iOS.

RT MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor

The Single Channel Kit also includes the RT MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor, our near silent lens motor that’s revolutionizing lens control. MK3.1 offers a superior response and smooth operation, never cogging, sparking, or skipping. MK3.1 brushless motors provide 6 times the service life of brushed motors and feature built-in motor drivers. This motor includes thin flexible cables and reversible gears, with gears available in 0.8, 0.6, 0.5, and 0.4 wide. 

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