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Looking for a simple A/V solution for zero-delay wireless transmission that’ll wow your audience?

Introducing Spark 4K TX. Spark 4K TX is a wireless transmitter that transports your 4K HDR video from source to screen via HDMI in 0.001 seconds.¹ With zero-delay IMAG projection, you can finally give your entire audience a first-row seat of the speaker on stage without the distracting delay.

Spark 4K boasts a wireless coverage of up to 500 feet of range – so your equipment and display screens are all within range with robust wireless connectivity.

It’s simple to set up. And much easier to move around without 500 feet of cables that get in the way.

Transmitter works with:
  • Cameras
  • Switchers
  • Computers
  • Any self-generated video source

    Need a receiver? Visit the Spark 4K RX product page.

    Present 4Kp60 live content at 1ms of delay at live events like conferences, worship services, sports, and more.

    Key features include dual-powering options (USB-C and Barrel Connector) for backup battery redundancy, lightweight design, signal status and pairing with the Launchpad desktop and mobile app, and multicast transmission.

    Zero-Delay Signal Integrity
    Transmit video with less than 1ms of delay.

    Get wireless coverage for up to 500 feet of range. Now, your computers, cameras, switchers, and gimbals are all within range with robust wireless connectivity.

    4K HDR Color
    Maintain premium video quality at 10-Bit 4:2:2 color sampling.

    Smart Transmission
    Transmit in crowded areas with confidence. Spark 4K uses the 5GHz frequency for less sensitivity to line-of-sight obstructions, and smart frequency hopping to automatically find a clear channel.

    Lighter than lightweight
    Spark TX weighs just 5.6oz, perfect for on-the-move camera work.

    Video Processing
    Visually Lossless

    Audio Processing
    48kHz 24-bit PCM

    TX Internal Battery Life
    Up to 2 hours.²

    Common workflows using Spark 4K
    Professional A/V (conferences, tradeshows, pop-up events) Workflows:
    Computer > Spark 4K > Consumer TV/Projector (Up to 2 sources)
    Computer > Spark 4K > Graphics Processors > Projector
    Computer > Spark 4K > Video Mixer
    Camera > Spark 4K > Switcher > Consumer TV/Projector
    Camera > Spark 4K > Switcher > Live Stream

    House of Worship Workflows:
    Computer > Spark 4K > Consumer TV/Projector (Up to 2 sources)
    Camera > Spark 4K > Monitor/Projector
    Camera > Spark 4K > Switcher

    Live Sports Workflows:
    Camera > Spark 4K > Switcher
    Camera > Spark 4K > Monitor (For coaches)

    Live Event (weddings, funerals) Workflows:
    Camera > Spark 4K > Switcher
    Switcher Program Output > Spark 4K > Live event monitor/projector

    ¹ Spark 4K RX is required.
    ² Transmitter tested at 125 mins when transmitting at 1080i59, 104 mins when transmitting at 4Kp30.

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