Bolt 1000 LT and 500 XT RX Battery Plate

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Bolt 1000 LT and 500 XT RX Gold/V-Mount Battery Plate

This Single (Female) Battery Plate from Teradek allows you to secure a Gold or V-Mount battery directly to Teradek Bolt 1000 LT, Sidekick XT and 500 XT Receivers and provide power internally. Machine Anondized, with 2 P-Tap outputs can provide power for additional accessories.

Please select which mounting option (Gold or V-Mount) you would like.
Please be aware, there are other battery type plate options available, including Sony L-series and Canon LP-E6.

To install:

  1.  Position both the receiver and battery plate facing up with the video connectors on the receiver facing right.
  2. Remove the cover plate on the receiver to expose the internal JST connector.
  3. Place the riser plate in between the receiver and the battery plate so that the holes on the riser plate align with the threaded holes on the receiver.
  4. Connect the internal connector from the battery plate to the receiver’s internal connector, then insert and tighten the four M2 x 6mm Phillips screws.
  5. Insert the M3 x 12mm screws through the battery plate and riser plate, into the receiver. Tighten the screws.

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