Bolt 6 Monitor Module RX

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Bolt 6 RX Monitor Module is a wireless video receiver that supports up to 4K30 10-bit 422 HDR video. Bolt 6 uses Teradek’s patented Zero-Delay silicon chip to send wireless video over 5GHz and 6GHz radio frequencies.

The Bolt 6 Receiver Monitor Module easily attaches to the back of SmallHD’s Cine 7, 702 Touch, and Indie 7 Smart Monitors. With this direct integration, the Bolt 6 and Smart monitor can share power and video, allowing you to reduce the amount of cables on set. With the Bolt 6 Monitor Module, Wireless Camera-Control is also possible because it integrates directly into SmallHD Smart Monitors.

Bolt 6 Monitor Module RX offers two line-of-sight options: 750 ft. and 1500 ft. Additionally, you can upgrade your set to include Gold or V-Mount Battery plates.

The 750 model includes V (vertical) Antennas. 1500 model includes both V Antennas and H (horizontal) antennas. H Antennas are designed to maximize signal robustness in the most challenging RF environments.

Optionally, the 750 model of Bolt 6 Monitor Module RX can include a permanent internal antenna to allow for reliable zero-delay transmission in a more compact and durable form factor.

Read the Bolt 6 Internal Antenna FAQ to learn more about the optional built-in internal antennas.

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