How to use Wireless Video to Enhance Engagement in your Church

Churches are constantly adopting new technologies and finding ways to enhance their video production, with many ministries now going the wireless path. Victory World Church, a multi-campus church based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been equipping their cameras with Teradek Bolts for some time, capturing more engaging shots that would be impossible with tethered systems.

“Moving all of our roaming cameras to wireless Teredek units in our two main auditoriums helped to create a much more fluid mode of operation for us. Combining the Bolt 500 and Bolt 3000 models has allowed us to go places and grab shots that a typical wired connection would not allow due to room locations.” - Mike Paschal, Video Director at Victory World Church.

Check out the footage from Victory Church obtained with a Teradek Bolt:

Why Wireless Video is a Growing Trend in Church Productions from Teradek on Vimeo.


So let’s say you’ve decided a wireless system is perfect for your church’s video needs. What kind of range should you go for?

For most churches, the Bolt 500 (range of 500 ft) is sufficient enough to deliver pristine video with zero-delay from camera to the switching studio. For special events where camera movement extends beyond the typical stage, the Bolt 1000 or 3000 can transport video through multiple walls and push the camera feed to the studio with zero-delay.


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