Everything You Need to Know About CTRL.3 and MDR.X

Wireless follow focus is critical to just about every big film production, but the tech behind our industry favorites hasn’t improved much in recent years. That’s why we’re excited to be releasing our latest generation of lens control products that feature new, cutting-edge tools to help filmmakers achieve the best look possible.

Here’s a quick rundown of the CTRL.3 and MDR.X.

What Is CTRL.3?

The new CTRL.3 is a 3-axis wireless hand unit for focus/iris/zoom control at up to 5,000 ft. in real-time. It features an ergonomic focus knob, iris slider, zoom wheel, LCD display and a run/stop button for all industry cinema cameras. Unlike the CTRL.1, CTRL.3 comes with lens mapping included and a set of pre-marked focus/iris rings.

Follow Focus Overlays

When CTRL.3 is connected to a SmallHD monitor running OS3, it sends the lens maps directly to the monitor. This includes lens focus distance information, iris, and zoom, which appear as subtle overlays directly on the sides of the image. As focus pullers adjust each axis with the controller, the lens information - focus distance, iris, zoom - is updated in real-time on the monitor, allowing ACs to keep eyes on the image at all times instead of looking back and forth between the monitor and controller.

What Is MDR.X?

MDR.X is the new, ultra-light and compact MDR for focus/iris/zoom. At just 140g, it’s one of the lightest MDRs in the industry that supports 3-axis FIZ controls. It also features an OLED display that offers status information such as connected axes, battery life and more.

Bluetooth Control via App

One major upgrade the MDR.X offers is integration with the new Teradek RT App for iOS. Using Bluetooth, the Teradek RT App gives access to all of the major functions on the controller such as motor axis selection, creating (and sharing) lens maps, start/stop, and even virtual sliders for calibrating FIZ controls.

The New Follow Focus Ecosystem

CTRL.3 and MDR.X are the final 2 pieces that join CTRL.1 and MOTR.X to create the next generation of wireless lens control. By pairing these pieces together, filmmakers get the entire kit that makes Teradek RT the best solution for wireless follow focus: lens mapping, overlays, remote app configuration, and full FIZ controls. The new tools allow ACs to pull focus with unprecedented precision, save time in calibration, and improve efficiency on every production.


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