Announcing the 703 Bolt: the Ultimate All-In-One Monitoring Tool

In light of the new year, we decided to start off 2018 with a bang! The 703 Bolt is Teradek’s latest product to hit the cinema market, and one of the many great innovations we have planned for the year. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

What Is It?

Partnering the ingenuity between Teradek & SmallHD, we’ve combined the Bolt Sidekick II (500 ft. receiver) with the 703 Monitor to create the 703 Bolt, an All-In-One wireless monitoring solution designed with convenience, performance and portability in mind.

What Does It Do?

The 703 Bolt offers some major benefits for cinematographers, most prominent of them being the built-in wireless monitoring. Compatible with all Bolt 500, 1000 and 3000 systems, the 703 Bolt can receive visually lossless video feeds over RF instantly with a range of 500 ft.

Its 7” LCD screen is also daylight viewable, with a powerful 3000 nit output (brightest monitor in the market) on a 1920x1080 resolution display. This helps to see a color- & detail-accurate view of the shot even in the brightest of outdoor settings.

The monitor also sports dual-view functionality, which means you can either monitor a single camera or two cameras simultaneously (via SDI input). This will require a separate receiver, which you can mount with the Wooden Camera Monitor Cage. You can also use it to view pre & post LUT footage. 

In addition, its lightweight form factor and detachable side handles make it very easy to carry around on set, making for a truly untethered system.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who needs an instant, precise view of the shot without being tied down to video village. This will most likely be Directors & 1st ACs, but can even include others like DPs and script supervisors.

Director: Minimizes the time-consuming back n’ forth walk between the set and video village. Perfect for Directors who like to stay in close proximity to the talent.

1st AC: Makes for an excellent companion to remote follow focus systems like Teradek RT. Mount the 703 to the lens controller and you can monitor and adjust FIZ settings.

Additional Features

  • Pagebuilder OS
  • HD Waveform & Scopes
  • Colorflow 3D LUT engine


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