Perfect for cinematographers, broadcasters, and live productions, the Bolt series of video transmitters offers flawless image quality at distances up to 2000ft

Unbeatable Wireless Performance

Bolt operates over the unlicensed 5Ghz band and transmits 4:2:2 video at less than 1 millisecond of delay.

Bolt Transmitter sending video wirelessly to a Receiver connected to a monitor

Multicast Capable

All Bolt models can multicast up to 4 receivers of the same range at the same time.

Diagram of Bolt transmitter multicasting to Cube Encoders, Handheld monitors, Monitors and switchers
Teradek Sidekick Receivers

Universal Sidekick Receivers

The Sidekick is a universal 300ft Bolt receiver that is compatible with 300, 600, and 2000 models. Smaller and lighter than traditional Bolt receivers, Sidekick is the perfect compliment to a director’s monitor.

Metadata & Time Code Support

3G-SDI Bolt models support metadata, time code, and start/stop flags from many camera manufacturers, including RED, ARRI, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic.* For a detailed list of supported products, please visit our Knowledge Base.

*Bolt Sidekick does not support any metadata pass through.

Bolt Receiver attached to a handheld monitor
Bolt Receiver connected to a Monitor with Color Correction using the 33 Point 3D LUT Integration

3D LUT Integration

Using the OLED on Bolt 600 & 2000 receivers, users can select and apply their own pre-loaded 33-point 3D LUTs to the output of their Bolt feed. Bolt systems can store up to 16 LUTs at one time.

View of Bolt with the USB 3.0 highlighted for Capturing the Receiver output over USB

USB 3.0 Capture

Capture cards are a thing of the past with Bolt’s USB 3.0 Engine. Located on the receiver of every Bolt model, the USB 3.0 output allows you to ingest Bolt’s uncompressed video feed directly into a computer or DIT cart without added delay.

Desktop Monitor showing Bolt Manager Software

Cross Conversion & Manual Frequency Control

Every Bolt model supports real-time standards and cross conversion from TX to RX, allowing you to automatically convert resolution, frame rate, and inputs/outputs (HDMI / 3G-SDI) without any additional hardware. Bolt also offers manual frequency control so your crew can carefully manage your wireless workflow wherever you’re shooting.

Directional Panel Antenna To improve the range and reliability of Teradek Bolt

Directional Antenna

The Panel Array Antenna is your go-to solution for cutting through wireless interference in crowded environments. When attached to a Bolt 600 or 2000 receiver, the Antenna provides an extremely robust, directional signal that will ensure your signal arrives uninterrupted.

drawings of the Bolt family showing the rugged design

Built Like a Tank

Designed for professional use, Bolt transmitters and receivers are enclosed in a hardened aluminum chassis and connect to video sources via HDMI or 3G-SDI. Each system includes several ¼-20” holes for mounting to cameras and monitors and a 2-pin Lemo connector for power. Bolt 600 and 2000 receivers have a built-in OLED for quick configuration and 3D LUT support.

Watch the Bolt in Action