GoPro Hero5 VR Camera Mount Kit for Sphere

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The GoPro Hero5 VR Camera Mount Kit for Sphere allows you to secure four GoPro HERO5 cameras in a configuration to capture 360° video. Used with the Teradek Sphere you can stitch in real-time, monitor, and stream live 360° to Facebook Live, YouTube, or your favorite CDN. 

The bracket is made of a lightweight aluminum to provide a sturdy foundation to minimize individual camera movement and parallax while maintaining a small footprint.
Designed for quick adjustments and ease of use as the Micro-HDMI, USB-C, Micro SD and Battery slots remain accessible. Each camera angle has a lasered degree indicator to manage and coordinate HDMI video inputs and configuration. For mounting options, the bracket has a built-in 1/4 20" mounting point and included in the kit is a 4" extension rod that can be used to mount the bracket to a tripod.

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