Zero-Delay 7" Wireless Field Monitor

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When it comes to monitoring on set, less is more. The 703 Bolt brings Teradek and SmallHD technology together into a powerful, all-in-one handheld wireless monitoring solution.

Daylight Viewable Monitoring

The 703 monitor features a 3000 nit 1920x1080 7” display and supports 100% coverage of the REC 709 color space.

Designed for Simplicity

The 703 Bolt integrates Teradek’s Sidekick II Bolt receiver with SmallHD’s 703 monitor to create an ultra light, cable-free monitoring kit that gives you complete mobility on set.

Compatible with Bolt 500, 1000, & 3000

Connect your 703 Bolt to any 3rd generation Bolt system. The integrated 500ft receiver includes a built-in 5GHz spectrum analyzer* as well as support for timecode and metadata.

*available in a future firmware upgrade

Dual View Mode

Perfect for monitoring A/B cameras or pre- and post-LUT footage, Dual View allows you to watch two input sources simultaneously, each with their own set of software tools.

703 Bolt


703 Bolt Director's Bundle


Technical Specs

  • Wireless (Compatible with Bolt 500, 1000, and 3000 Transmitter)
  • 2 x SDI BNC Connectors: 1 Input and 1 user selectable Input or Output
  • 3000 nit daylight viewable
  • Optically bonded anti-reflective screen
  • 1920x1080p IPS LCD
  • Built-In Teradek Wireless Receiver (500ft Range)
  • Rugged milled aluminium construction
  • Pagebuilder OS
  • HD Waveform and Scopes
  • Colorflow 3D LUT engine
  • Dual View monitoring
  • 2-pin locking barrel connector 12v Power


*Manufactured under licence
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