5 Reasons to Stream with VidiU Go For Your Next Event

VidiU Go is our newest live streaming encoder built for businesses, freelancers and enthusiasts seeking the cutting edge of broadcast technology. You might be thinking, ‘another streaming device? There are already so many!’ And you’d be right - live streaming products are abundant and the market is saturated with devices that send live video to online CDNs. What makes the VidiU Go different?

Internet connectivity is the biggest challenge when it comes to delivering a high quality live stream, and the VidiU Go provides a solution for that: network bonding. Bonding combines all of the VidiU Go’s Internet sources (two 4G LTE USB modems, Ethernet and WiFi) into a single, robust connection so you can stream with rock-solid dependability. The added redundancy allows you to stream seamlessly in the event of any network issues, meaning you can go live from just about anywhere without having to worry about connectivity.

If you need the strongest cellular reception for your streams, VidiU Go also comes with optional Nodes - high-powered 4G LTE USB modems that offer superior signal strength compared to carrier-branded modems and designed to fit seamlessly to the sides of the VidiU Go. Want to stream right out of the box? Deluxe kits include everything you need, including two Telna SIM cards that are ready for activation. Telna SIMs are Node-compatible, have no long-term contracts, and use multiple major carrier networks to give you the best reception everywhere, all while offering the convenience of a single provider. 

But VidiU Go is not just a bonding encoder. The new VidiU Go offers the next generation of video compression, HEVC/H.265, which allows you to either take your video quality to the next level, or save 50% of the required bandwidth of AVC video streams.

Russ Lichterman, Director of Educational Technology & Multimedia at Wilmington University, is a VidiU Go early adopter and streams often for campus events. He shared his first impressions:

"We stream many campus events that our university hosts, including guest speakers, panel discussions, commencements, and more. Failure is not an option for our students and their families, so we use only the most reliable encoder for our productions: VidiU Go. With built-in cellular bonding and data-saving HEVC compression, we never have to worry about getting rock-solid Internet when we go live. We can stream high-def video wherever the action is.”

Want to see if VidiU Go is right for you? Here are 4 reasons to consider it:

1. Stream Reliably, Wherever You Need To Be

Whether you’re a news broadcaster, live production company or even a freelancer, you know that events can happen at any location, including locations that offer little-to-no options for getting a reliable broadband connection for streaming (conventions, news conferences, remote areas like deserts or mountains). But if that’s where the content is, you need a way to stream it.

With VidiU Go’s network bonding feature, you don’t need to worry. Network bonding allows you to stream from just about anywhere with a 4G LTE connection. Simply connect two USB modems to the sides of the VidiU Go, connect the device to Core (more info below), and you’re ready to go live wherever you are. Also, with the addition of HEVC/H.265, you won’t even need much data to stream HD video from these locations. It’s an excellent way to not just stream reliably, but also save data on the uplink.

A subscription to Core is required for network bonding, which we’ll explain more of below. Also, while most live platforms don’t support HEVC video yet, Core includes a transcoding tool that converts HEVC to AVC, allowing you to conserve a ton of data while delivering pristine video to your viewers.

2. Do More in the Cloud

Core is our optional stream management platform that acts as the infrastructure for many additional streaming features. Let’s look at the features below-

  • Multi-destination streaming - Core allows you to take your single stream and distribute it among as many platforms and pages as you want. Multiple Facebook Pages, YouTube, Periscope, Custom RTMP streaming servers - wherever you need to go. Simply add your login credentials and you’re ready to publish.
  • Transcoding - since most social media platforms don’t support HEVC yet, Core allows you to transcode HEVC video to AVC, which is the current standard accepted by all platforms. This translates into saving a ton of data for every broadcast, allowing you to stream longer without worrying about data usage.
  • Bonding - for VidiU Go, combine up to two 4G LTE USB modems, Ethernet and WiFi into a robust connection so you can stream reliably from anywhere. Core provides the infrastructure for this to work.
  • Monitoring - need to view your streams from the station? On the go and need to view them from your phone? Core is hosted in the cloud, which means you can monitor your streams from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Remote Configuration - change your stream settings on the fly (resolution, bitrate, codec, restart) all from the cloud.

Core works on a pay-as-you-go structure where costs are calculated based on data usage. If you want to use VidiU Go’s bonding or HEVC transcoding feature, an account with Core is required. Luckily, you get access to all of Core’s amazing features in one interface. Also, you can do everything from the convenience of your smartphone with the Core App for iOS.

Learn more about Core on our website here.

3. Reach More Audiences

These days, brands and organizations want to reach as many viewers as possible, which means you have to get your content to as many platforms as possible. For the 2017 Solar Eclipse, Teradek worked closely with NASA to publish their special program to 18 different online destinations at the same time, totaling at 86 million views. The truth is, there are so many viewers scattered on different platforms these days. In order to reach them, you need to go to where they are.

With Core, you can publish a single stream to as many destinations as you want. Whether you’re going to different platforms, multiple Facebook Pages, YouTube channels, or RTMP destinations, send your live feed from VidiU Go to Core and distribute it through the simple drag-and-drop interface. Every feed can also be controlled independently so you can start and stop streams at any time.

4. Works On Your Camera or Your Switcher

In the field or in the studio, VidiU Go’s SDI/HDMI dual input makes it the perfect live streaming device for being taken onto any production. VidiU Go also comes in an HDMI-only version, making for the most affordable HEVC-enabled live streaming device in the industry.

Stream in the field using anything from camcorders to broadcast cameras, or incorporate it into your studio setup by connecting it to your switcher.

5. Ready to Go Live Instantly

Things can happen at a moment’s notice, so you always want to be prepared to go live. VidiU Go can go from boot-up to ready in just 10 seconds, helping you go live in just a moment’s notice.

If you need to re-configure your VidiU Go, don’t worry. The Go’s free iOS/Android App allows you to change settings on a whim and monitor everything from your phone. No need to fiddle with the OLED screen or wait to connect on a laptop. With the VidiU App, you can always be on-the-go.

For more information, feel free to contact our team at (888) 941-2111 or visit teradek.com/collections/vidiu-go-family.


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