Teradek Core Platform Assessed by the MPA Trusted Partner Network: Why it Matters

Content is king. Security is the other king.

As new technologies transform film and television, remote production and live streaming have made it easier than ever to digitally manage multiple production and distribution workflows from anywhere. But this surge in new content from a growing number of third-party vendors has also revealed a serious vulnerability—a lack of standard security measures to protect that content.

The potential for catastrophe is clear: if pre-released content can’t be protected from breaches, entire productions and their IP remain vulnerable to severe economic damage.

Remote off-set monitoring Remote off-set monitoring

A strict and standardized approach to security is critical to protect pre-released content, and the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is the film industry’s solution. Owned and managed by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the TPN establishes a single standard for content security based on a global directory of verified “trusted partner” vendors.

In 2021, the TPN conducted an assessment of Teradek Core—a widely used cloud video platform for live production, off-set monitoring, and post-production—and confirmed that Core meets MPA standards for content security and encryption.

Teradek Core dashboard interface Teradek Core dashboard interface

Teradek Core offers a wealth of TPN-assessed security features, including end-to-end encryption across sharing and streaming protocols; individual viewer access control lists for securing content on a per-user basis; content watermarking across Teradek applications; secure cloud video-hosting via Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more.

To understand what Teradek Core’s inclusion in the TPN means for the industry, we invited Greg Smokler, Vice President of Cine Products at Teradek, and Colin McDonald, Cine Product Manager for Teradek, to answer a few questions.

Q: Let’s start with the big picture. Why does security matter for remote production?
Greg: “Put simply, more users are viewing more content from more access points. An increase in live streaming requires an increase in content visibility throughout the production pipeline, and these additional access points lead to vulnerabilities. Consumer streaming applications simply don’t meet these standards. The industry needed credible security standards to establish a benchmark, and that’s where TPN and Teradek Core come in.”

Q: How did Teradek become part of a movement to establish benchmark security standards?
Greg: Colin: “Teradek has been building secure video transmission systems for over a decade. We’re well aware of the damage a security breach can inflict on a production, so we designed Core to be as secure as it is functional.”

Q: How important is it to be TPN-assessed in the cine and TV ecosystem?
Greg: “Each studio has its own security requirements and performs its own assessments, but Core’s TPN assessment makes it much more likely for studios to conduct their own audits and confirm the findings. For independent production companies who can’t invest in their own audits, a TPN assessment is a reliable stamp of approval.”

Q: What does the TPN assessment mean for the Teradek Core Platform?
Colin: “The TPN assessment gives both existing and prospective customers added confidence in Teradek Core’s ability to protect their content. It’s a big win for everyone.”

Monitor remotely from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Monitor remotely from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

The TPN assessment is another example of Teradek’s commitment to serving the filmmaking community as technology and workflows evolve. Teradek’s full suite of remote on-set, off-set and post production solutions are engineered to stream color-accurate video to anyone, on any device, anywhere in the world. Most importantly, each solution is built to ensure that you maintain full control over your content, its pipeline, and who can access it.


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