Remote Post Production with Technicolor and Off-Set Monitoring Insight with ASC Associate Member Greg Ciaccio

Remote Post-Production with Technicolor’s Massimo D’Avolio and Brady Woods

Technicolor and Post Production Worldwide COO Massimo D'Avolio and Technicolor's VP of Global Account Management, Streaming Services Brady Woods discuss Covid's effects on the Post Production process and the acceleration of this transformation thanks to technology. Today, post-production talents are responsible not only for the color/VFX/sound in their sessions in collaboration with their clients but they are also wearing the face of new software solutions.

Off-Set Monitoring with Greg Ciaccio, ETC “Ripple Effect” Executive Producer and Head of Production Technology and Post.

In the age of COVID, how has remote technology enabled crews to work more safely and what tools caused by this acceleration will be utilized in the post-COVID age? In this video we cover this as well as the topic of how remote production has enabled worldwide collaboration, allowing for artists and creatives to interact in real-time with ‘high-presence’.


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