How to Set Up Remote Monitoring & Create a Virtual Video Village

2020 is changing the way many of us work. We’re finding ourselves working from home, unable to meet in person with clients as we are used to, or we're on set with a reduced crew and need to create a virtual video village. Teradek continues supporting unique solutions to help productions and clients monitor from remote locations whether it be a post-house, office, or from the comfort of your home.

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We recognize that there are other communication platforms that offer a low-quality workaround (like Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet), but if you’re looking to provide a professional image that is reliable and secure, you can look to a solution using Teradek products. We utilize professional SDI connections, full-resolution, color accuracy, which are things customers expect on- and off-set. Our cloud-based software, HEVC encoding, and bonded internet connectivity make this a professional solution for your workflow. Stream your feed with high-quality playback, reliability, and security for real-time editing sessions. Share your camera feed or editing workflow live to clients with iPads, iPhones, and monitors. 

What do I need? 

Package #1 - provides 1 network connection
for viewing feed remotely
Cube Encoder - Cube 755 - $2,990
Node - $699
Core Plan 
Optional: Cube Decoder or VUER app for viewing on a monitor

Package #2 - all-in-one internet connectivity (4 connections)
for in the field and viewing feed remotely
Bond Backpack - starting at $7,990
Core Plan
Optional: Cube Decoder or VUER app for viewing on a monitor

Package #3 - send feed to mobile devices on- or off-set
Serv Pro - $1,799
with new firmware upgrade
Link - $699
Node - $699

    *Prices listed in USD

    How does it work?

    It's simple. Take a video output of any camera or editing workstation using SDI or HDMI, and plug it into a Teradek Encoder. In the following workflows, we will be using a Cube encoder, but we will also outline some of the differences between the Cube, Serv Pro, and Bond options.

    Once you have plugged your source into a Cube encoder, you can connect to the internet using an ethernet or an existing WiFi network. Using Core, our cloud-based management platform, you will manage who and how people receive the monitored feed. From Core, simply invite your viewers by email.


    Diagram 1: Stream workflow from your computer to Core to anyone who needs to view your feed. This setup is great for real-time edit sessions or for color grading with clients and executives.


    Diagram 2: Stream your camera’s feed while filming with a Cube encoder to Core over the internet to anyone who needs to monitor. This setup is great for on-set productions that need to involve clients, producers, or crew who may not be able to travel to a location.


    Which encoder is right for me?

    There are a few encoder options available with something sure to fit your needs.

    Serv Pro is a great solution, especially if you already have this tool in your kit. We have a new firmware update that enables remote monitoring in addition to our on-set iOS and Android monitoring functionality. However, Serv Pro is limited to internet connectivity options. You can connect to the internet via Ethernet or WiFi. Alternatively, you can purchase a Teradek Link and Node (a USB cellular modem) for more connectivity options. These are both single internet connection options. 

    Cube has more flexibility than Serv Pro. In addition to the functionalities with Serv, it also enables you to unlock internet bonding. You can connect a Cube to a Node Modem as well as combining with Ethernet or Wifi simultaneously to create a stronger bonded network.

    The ideal solution when internet is unavailable is a Teradek Bond. The Bond Backpack is an all-in-one professional HEVC/H.264 streaming solution for those seeking the best in signal reception and video quality. Bond Backpack provides the connection you need using cellular connectivity, allowing you to stream your filming or editing workflow from locations without an available internet connection.


    How can viewers monitor?

    There are three different viewing options.

    1. iPad and iPhone: Simply download the free CoreTV app. When you share your workspace, your client will receive an access link in their email to view in the app.
    2. Production or TV monitor: If your client or crew prefer watching on a monitor, you will need to purchase a Cube Decoder, which gives you HDMI or SDI output.
    3. Live streaming platform: If you have a special request to display your stream on a live streaming platform like a private Facebook group or unlisted YouTube player, you simply connect your social profile of choice to your Core account. 


    Is it secure?

    CoreTV is an encrypted feed that allows you to safely send video to your iPads and iPhones. If you are using a Cube decoder to receive on a production monitor or TV, Cube uses SRT Protocol to ensure your feed’s safety. These two options offer an unlimited and secure form of sharing content.

    Please note we cannot ensure the security of your video when streaming to any of the live streaming channel platforms. Check the security on the platforms' safety and privacy settings before streaming to a channel.

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