List of New Products from NAB 2018

NAB 2018 Teradek product recap

Another year, another great NAB show! From brand-new Teradek innovations to integrated solutions with partnering companies to record attendee turnout, this year’s show was undoubtedly the best we’ve ever had!

Were you able to make it to our booth? If not, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all of our products we showcased this year:

Bolt XT

What Is It? The Bolt XT is our new class of 500, 1000 and 3000 ft. zero-delay video transmitters.

What Does It Do? Our most feature-rich Bolt ever, the XT is a combination of uncompromising wireless performance and smart physical design created to meet the needs of every professional. The XT transmits and receives pristine 1080p60 video, allowing you to monitor your feeds in real-time with ultimate precision. Also included is a built-in spectrum analyzer, manual channel selection and 3D LUTs, which offer improved versatility for the most demanding workflows.

A redesigned aluminum chassis further reduces size and weight of the Bolt line while improving functionality. Each transmitter includes HDMI, 3G-SDI and looping 3G-SDI inputs, while receivers support 1x HDMI and 2x 3G-SDI outputs. Units now include several new ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 mounting points, receivers have built-in NATO rails, and transmitters have integrated ARRI rosettes to greatly improve mounting options.

All XT units are compatible with 3rd-generation Bolt 500, 1000 & 3000 devices and Bolt LT units, making them easy to integrate into existing Bolt setups and workflows.

Bolt LT

What Is It? The Bolt LT is our brand new line of professional and incredibly affordable zero-delay transmitters. Available in 500 and 1000 ft. models.

What Does It Do? Industry-leading wireless performance meets affordability and simplicity in the new Bolt LT. A no-frills addition to the Bolt line, the LT is the smallest and lightest model we’ve ever designed, and features the primary function of all Bolt products: flawless zero-delay video.

Small form factor is the focal point of the LT. Each transmitter includes a single 3G-SDI or HDMI input with matching looping output, while the receiver includes a single 3G-SDI or HDMI output. Several ⅜”-16 and ¼”-20 mounting points give LT units tons of options for attaching directly to your camera rig, and bi-directional Sony L-series or Canon LP-E6 pass-through battery plates give you more powering options than ever before.

All LT units are compatible with Bolt 500 & 1000 devices and Bolt XT units. Bolt LT is equally suited as the primary video system on small productions & as a secondary video system on sets with existing Bolt setups.

Bolt 10K

Teradek Bolt 10K at NAB 2018

What Is It? An ultra-long range wireless receiver compatible with Bolt 3000 units. Designed for the most demanding of cinema, broadcast, and UAV applications.

What Does It Do? Bolt 10K receives instant, wireless video feeds from up to 10,000 feet away, and works in tandem with other Bolt receivers, 703 Bolts and Sidekick IIs. Includes features available in all Bolt units like 3D LUTs, spectrum analyzer, manual channel selection and more.

Bolt Manager

What Is It? The Bolt Manager is a tool that helps users easily pair and configure Bolt systems without the need for a computer.

What Does It Do? The Bolt Manager contains multiple USB inputs that allow up to 4 Bolt receivers to be paired to a single transmitter quickly and effortlessly. Also, configure channels and install updates directly to multiple Bolt units with just the click of a button.

Link Pro

What Is It? Link Pro is a high-throughput, dual-band 4G LTE WiFi router, allowing professionals to surf the web, check emails, upload files, and even stream video from areas they otherwise couldn’t before. It supports up to 4x 3G/4G/LTE USB modems (including Teradek Nodes) with an additional 2x Ethernet ports.

Core subscription is required for Internet bonding.

What Does It Do? Link Pro combines multiple Internet inputs into a single Internet connection, offering maximum redundancy, rock-solid dependability and exceptional throughput at up to 1000 ft. of range. This not only gives you a robust connection in cellular congested areas, but also helps in receiving and retaining Internet in the most remote locations.

The unit comes with built-in Gold & V-mount battery options and a rugged aluminum chassis, allowing them to endure the most rigorous of uses in the field. It also comes in 3 different forms: standalone modem, backpack, and radome.

Link Pro Radome: the radome attaches to a Link Pro standalone modem for optimized Node placement. It's designed for installation on vehicles (EMS, law enforcement, industrial, etc.) to endure the harshest of elements and weather and provide a consistent Internet connection anywhere you go.

Link Pro Backpack: An integrated Link Pro system with 4 built-in high-powered modems and an internal cooling system. Designed for on-the-go use.

Teradek Bond Backpack NAB 2018

VidiU Go

What Is It? VidiU Go is an HEVC / H.264 video encoder that streams directly to live platforms. This enhanced addition to the VidiU line offers dual-input HDMI & SDI, making it equally at home on a camcorder or a broadcast camera.

The Go supports 2x 3G/4G/LTE USB modems for Internet, along with Ethernet & WiFi as additional sources. But what makes the unit unique is its compatibility with the Teradek Nodes, which are the same high-powered USB modems found in our class of enterprise broadcast equipment. 

What Does It Do? VidiU Go streams pristine 1080p60 video to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope or any online destination (including RTMP) directly from a camera. Multiple Internet sources can be bonded via a subscription to Sharelink or Core, ensuring that high-quality video can be streamed from anywhere and anytime.

In addition, the Go is compatible with our video production suite, Live:Air Action. Turn your single-camera setup (with VidiU Go) into a multi-camera live production complete with graphics and overlays with this free iOS app.

Teradek OMOD

Command+ / RT+

What Is It? The Command+ and Command RT+ are modules that expand the functionalities of RED DSMC2 cameras.

What Does It Do? Both units add innovative features to your camera like live color processing, managing and storing of CDLs & 3D LUTs, wireless timecode/genlock and advanced metadata I/O. Command RT+ units also include an integrated Teradek RT 3-channel receiver, giving you premium lens control while reducing clutter on camera.


What Is It? Professional, high-quality audio module for RED DSMC2 cameras.

What Does It Do? Designed for run-and-gun rigs, the OMOD XLR2 offers two balanced XLR inputs, a 3.5mm headphone output, push-to-operate controls, and an AES input option. It also includes a CTRL input for Teradek RT Latitude MDR receivers, run/stop trigger and 3G-SDI / HDMI options.

Teradek RT

What Is It? Remote FIZ lens & camera control system that combines powerful wireless technology with smart design. Full sets include a controller, receiver and up to 3 motors.

What’s New? Teradek is excited to be launching 3 new additions to the RT line at NAB:

  • Superspeed Lens Motor: incredibly fast, high-torque operation designed for large lenses and rapid movement. RT brushless motors have 6 times the service life of brushed motors, and are created for smooth and silent FIZ control on set.
  • 1-Channel Hand Unit: dedicated controllers for focus or iris controllers. These units are 100% backwards-compatible with existing RT components, and operate with the same zero-delay 5000 ft. range as other controllers.
  • Latitude-X: a 3-channel receiver that offers full start/stop functionality on all major cinema cameras and full camera control on RED cameras. The new unit features built-in Bluetooth for Foolcontrol, 5000 ft. wireless range, and multiple serial ports to give you maximum control of your RED DSMC camera.

VUER for Android OS

Serv Pro users rejoice! Soon, Android owners will have access to their own personal monitors on their phones and tablets. Release date will be announced in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


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