Is VidiU Go Right For You?

There are many reasons to be excited about our live stream encoder, Vidiu Go. It features two USB ports for 4G LTE modems, which either fit Teradek Node, Node II’s or any compatible carrier-branded cellular broadband modem. 

Beyond that, Vidiu Go has the ability to bond* all of these network connections together with either the Sharelink or Core cloud platforms. Teradek Core additionally adds professional streaming workflows, recording, and online management of encoders.

*A Core or Sharelink account is needed. While creating the account is free, there may be added costs to use the bonding feature. There may also be extra cellular data costs if you choose to use a Node modem. Please visit the Core or Sharelink page to create an account.

Bonding combines all of the Internet connections going into the VidiU Go (2x USB modems, Ethernet, WiFi) and converts it into a single robust Internet source for streaming. Live streaming has always relied upon an Ethernet input or a single WiFi connection, which leaves users at the mercy of that Internet service. Internet goes down? You’re out of luck!

Bonding solves those issues. If one connection encounters bandwidth difficulties, the other connections will fill in and keep the stream running smoothly. At the same time, this also means you can take a camera anywhere, live stream and achieve a solid broadcast. 

Learn How to Bond with the Vidiu Go

Does that sound like the solution for you? Take a look at these professionals and how they can benefit from the VidiU Go.

Mobile Streamers

Forget the old mobile phone and selfie stick combo and take your daily streaming to the next level. Streaming from your phone not only produces poor video quality but also relies upon getting a consistent 4G signal from your carrier, which might not provide the necessary bandwidth to stream at a bit rate. Walk into a 4G dead zone and you’re really out of luck!

For anyone who live streams regularly - whether that’s at home, out and about or for a business - VidiU Go provides a more professional, high-quality video for your viewers. Bond several connections to ensure you’ll always give your audience HD video, and they’ll always come back for more.


From sports games to assemblies to graduations, schools are in the best position of any organization to live stream. But the bandwidth needed to provide a high-def stream might not be available in many schools across the country, not to mention, many common streaming locations lack adequate Internet access (auditoriums, soccer fields, gyms). This results in the lossy video streams you see on many schools’ Facebook Pages and YouTube channels.

VidiU Go offers an excellent solution for this. The two cellular USB ports allow it to operate solely on 4G LTE Internet, which means you can stream from classrooms, away games and anywhere where you couldn’t before.

Houses of Worship

Live streaming church services doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to start. If you’re a small church looking to venture into live streaming, or even a large church wanting to live stream at outdoor events, VidiU Go is the best way to provide a solid stream for your online congregation to enjoy.


There’s no denying that live streaming is an excellent way to reach and advertise to your company’s followers, but if your stream disconnects halfway through, that leaves a nasty stain on your brand’s reputation. A company’s image is reflected within the quality of the live stream. If you’re going to stream, use VidiU Go’s network bonding to ensure your video stays solid throughout the broadcast.

Sports Coverage

Many sports organizations are interested in broadcasting, but lack the funding to make it happen. We’re talking about niche sports (disc golf, indoor skydiving, drag racing, etc.) that want to increase their outreach and popularity but aren’t equipped renting enterprise broadcast gear. Even small teams want to broadcast to local fans without having to hire TV broadcasting equipment to make it happen.

No matter where the sports games are held, VidiU Go can stream reliably. Want to reach even more people? VidiU Go can also stream to multiple live platforms at the same time, getting more eyes on your content than ever before.

Special Events (Concerts, Conventions, Performances, etc.)

Previously, live streaming from special events wasn’t easy nor affordable, but VidiU Go changes that. While some events budget for expensive gear like broadcast trucks, many events transpire without broadcasting, because there isn’t a reliable Internet connection. VidiU Go gives every event organizer the chance to get their content on the Internet, whether that’s from remote locations or 4G congested areas.

A Universal Live Streaming Solution

If you’re looking to improve your existing broadcast setup or simply want to start getting your video out there, consider adding network bonding into your workflow. It’s the next step in giving your viewers crystal-clear live video.

News Gathers

With Core and Dual Node II, the Vidiu Go is the perfect on-the-go solution for News Gathering.  You can record your clips on the SD card, stream low bandwidth HEVC live from field to decoders like the Cube 725, record your clips in Core, and more!

The Vidiu Go has all the pieces to make Electronic News Gathering easy.


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