Is Bolt DSMC2 Right For You?

Since its first introduction, the Bolt DSMC2 has been highly-anticipated by RED users everywhere. We’re excited to announce that the industry’s first RED-integrated zero-delay wireless video module is here! So, what is the Bolt DSMC2?

Bolt DSMC2 combines the best of RED’s modular DSMC2® cameras with the zero-delay wireless video of the Bolt. It secures firmly to the rear of DSMC2 cameras, eliminating the need for additional mounting accessories like camera arms. Modules also pass through power & video via pogo pin connectors to keep your rig free of cable clutter.

Bolt DSMC2 comes in 3 models: 500, 1000 and 3000 ft.


Bolt DSMC2 is compatible with Bolt receivers of the same model (3rd gen & LT/XT), as well as universal receivers like the Sidekicks (II, XT & LT), Bolt 10K, SmallHD 703, and Focus Bolt.

Like all current Bolts, Bolt DSMC2 can also transmit to up to 4 receivers at the same time, ensuring your clients, directors, camera assists and other crew to monitor from anywhere on set.

Pristine Wireless Video

Markus Forderer on set with Bolt DSMC2.

Similar to the rest of the Bolt line, Bolt DSMC2 transmits pristine 1080p60 video to receivers, giving you a detail- & color-accurate view of the shot in real-time. Bolts utilize the 5GHz spectrum to transmit video and audio, avoiding the crowded 2.4GHz spectrum most consumer devices operate on. Built-in frequency hopping software ensures that no matter how congested, the Bolt module always connects to the best channels.

Why Integrated Zero Delay

Many filmmakers want a camera system clean of cables and accessories, especially for today’s cinematography that demands more and more mobility from the camera. Even the most famous movie makers have sought integrated camera systems, including David Fincher’s custom RED “Xenomorph” which included built-in Paralinx wireless video and Teradek RT wireless lens control, as well as Michael Bay’s “Bayhem” with a built-in Teradek transmitter.

David Fincher's custom-designed "Xenomorph" from RED.

built-in systems, Bolt DSMC2 gives RED cameras an integrated and versatile wireless video system that keeps rigs lightweight and easy to mount.


“Pretty amazing cable-less design, that saves you time in prep and on the day with easy mounting of the transmitter. If you want to go super compact and don't need wireless video, it comes off with four screws within seconds. It is compact and sits directly behind the camera, keeping the weight distribution centered, which makes the camera easy to balance on a gimbal, steadicam or remote head.” - Markus Forderer on

“The BOLT DSMC2 brings Teradek’s world-class wireless video to the modular eco-system of RED’s DSMC2 cameras. Perfect for streamlined camera configurations, the transmitter module attaches to the back of any DSMC2 camera and any RED approved DSMC2 I/O or battery module can then be attached behind the unit for an all-in-one, lean-and-mean, cable free solution compatible with existing BOLT receivers.” - Mark L. Pederson, Bolt DSMC2 Project Manager.


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