Rundown: Bolt 10K & Bolt Manager

Teradek Bolt 10K

2018 has been a year of many new avenues for Teradek, and one of our most popular new innovations is the Bolt 10K. The new Bolt is used on many productions that require extra range such as drone cinematography, live sports broadcasts and much more. Motion State, a production house based in Seattle, used it for the Burton U.S. Open to travel down the course with athletes. Check out their production here:

Bolt 10K Goes the Extra Mile for the Burton U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships

Here's a brief rundown of our latest additions to the Bolt line of wireless video systems:

What Is It?

The Bolt 10K is an ultra long-range, zero-delay video system that has an operational range of up to 10,000 feet. Compatible with Bolt 3000 & Bolt 3000 XT transmitters, the Bolt 10K receiver outputs a visually lossless 1080p60 video feed to an external monitor, the same way all of our Bolt receivers work.

What Does It Do?

Like all of Teradek’s Bolt products, the 10K includes numerous software features available in Bolt products:

  • Pairing - link the receiver with a transmitter.
  • HDMI/SDI Out Format - select the video output format.
  • 3D LUT Settings - apply a LUT to the monitor.
  • Spectrum Analyzer - used to detect RF traffic in the area. This will help you select which channels will get you the best connections.
  • Channel Selection - select the RF channel you want the Bolt to use.
  • Much more.

Note: The Bolt 10K is a directional receiver which requires aiming to achieve the best reception. The signals operate in a cone formation, where closer distances have a much wider cone for transmission, while longer distances have a narrower cone. See diagram below for more details.

Who Is It For?

Bolt 10K is perfect for workflows that require real-time wireless monitoring or instant video transport at long distances. From cinema to broadcast to industrial applications, the 10K is applicable for any video transport demands for workflows up to 2 miles away.

  • Cinematographers: Similar to the existing Bolt line, the 10K offers the same functions as the Bolt 500, 1000 and 3000, with the added bonus of extended range. The 10K allows cinematographers to monitor the feed in any scenario, no matter the production.
  • UAV: Drones are seeing rising utilization throughout the world, with aircraft able to carry more and fly farther than ever before. With the 10K, pilots can take their aircraft to unprecedented distances and still receive an instant feed from the camera. Perfect for cinema, industrial and personal applications.
  • Live Productions: Streaming a race and need to get live video from one side of the field to the other? No problem. The 10K will get video from the camera to the switcher/encoder at less than 0.01 seconds of delay, allowing you to get a truly instant feed for your viewers.
    • Whereas many workflows use costly video-over-IP systems to transport video over long distances (which causes delays as well), if the range is within 10,000 feet, this will be a much quicker option than relying on 4G broadcasts.
  • Industrial: While the 10K is categorized as a cinema device, its function is perfect for use in industrial communications too. Deploy live video from the field to the workstation, and utilize the Bolt’s frequency analyzer / channel selection to get reliable signals in the most challenging of RF environments.

Bolt Manager

Organizing all of your Bolt units has never been easier. The Bolt Manager is a standalone Bolt configuration unit designed to make pairing units simple and quick on set.

Pairing Made Easy

Bolt Manager allows you to easily pair Tx/Rx units without a computer by connecting them via USB. Once all of your Bolts are connected to the Bolt Manager, simply navigate to the pairing menu and start the process.

Bolt Manager also allows you to configure each unit’s wireless channels and regional settings all in one place. No need to adjust each unit independently and no need to have a computer on set.


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