Introducing Core 2.0: New Features & Pricing

We’re excited to announce major upgrades to our Core management platform. The Core interface has undergone a complete remodeling to be more user friendly and offer you even more insight into each of your video streams. New features such as automatic failover and 3rd party encoder support have been added, along with a new pricing structure that is adaptable to more users’ streaming strategies.

If you’re an active user of Core, you’ve probably already noticed the changes on the Core interface and new additional features. For people who haven’t tried out Core yet, here’s a brief introduction.

What Is It?

CORE is Teradek’s cloud-based streaming management platform designed to enhance and simplify your IP video workflow.  Any Teradek encoder (excluding VidiU and VidiU Pro) is capable of streaming to CORE, giving them access to multi-destination delivery, remote configuration, monitoring and HEVC/AVC transcoding. Since the service is cloud-based, users can access the platform from anywhere in the world.


Multi-Destination Streaming

Stream to an unlimited number of destinations at the same time, including online video platforms or decoders for point-to-point. This works by sending a single video feed from a Teradek encoder to Core, which can be duplicated and distributed to as many destinations as you want including multiple Facebook Pages, YouTube channels, Twitch channels and more.

Remote Configuration / Monitoring

Since CORE is hosted in the cloud, your streams can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. This is perfect for those seeking to configure Teradek encoders remotely (resolution, bitrate, FPS) or monitor footage captured by your team while you’re away.

Archiving in the Cloud

Record your live streams directly to your Core account, which can be accessed and downloaded from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Perfect for creating post-broadcast on demand videos or simply saving for personal use.

Transcoding HEVC > AVC

Our latest encoders feature cutting-edge HEVC compression that can save you a ton of bandwidth while streaming, which translates into money saved. HEVC is the next-generation compression standard that achieves higher video quality at the same bitrate, or the same video quality at half the bitrate.

Most live platforms haven’t adopted the new compression yet, but Core allows you to transcode HEVC into the widely accepted AVC format. This means you can stream a 1080p video at 2Mbps to Core and deliver the video to as many live platforms as you want in H.264. Save money on data, especially when you’re streaming using 4G LTE cellular in the field.

New Features

Core 2.0 introduces some brand new functions to make your streams go even further. Designed for advanced users with special requirements, these 2 cloud-hosted servers can be subscribed to for an additional cost:

Hyperion Engine ($75/month)

  • Static IP Addresses & Port Management - set a static IP and manage ports to stream through firewalls more easily.
  • MPEG-TS Server - allows the user to pull live video from Core into VLC or another decoder.
  • Recording - inbound streams can be saved as files and pushed to cloud storage in real time. These archived streams can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Custom Worldwide Ingest and End Points - set regions where your device is ingested and output to keep latency down and ensure a reliable stream.

Helios Engine ($75/month)

  • Backup Switcher - provides automatic failover if a stream goes down. The video stream will automatically and seamlessly switch to a backup video feed so your broadcast goes uninterrupted.
  • 3rd Party Encoder Ingest  - bring in video feeds using encoders from any other brand via RTMP, SRT or MPEG-TS protocols. This allows you to use encoders you already own alongside Teradek encoders and decoders.

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