How Teradek Wave Works with Sharelink

The Teradek Wave is a powerful 5-in-1 live streaming encoding monitor that simplifies professional live streaming.

Its daylight-viewable display and event pre-configuration abilities offer a paradigm shift in the live streaming workflow, adding more simplicity, versatility, and reliability for you to stream with.

Wave can stream to a variety of destinations using either WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular internet connections. But with the power of Teradek’s Sharelink cloud service, Wave can boost your streams even further with two main features: network bonding and multi-destination streaming.

Let’s take a closer look at what these features are and what they do for your streams.

Network Bonding

The thing live streamers dread most is losing internet connection. There is nothing worse than delivering highly-engaging live content, only to have an unstable internet connection that annoyingly breaks up your stream – or worse – completely drops the video. Especially when the stakes are high, like a wedding stream where each once-in-a-lifetime moment is expected to be captured and shared with virtual guests, without interruption.

The Teradek Wave has three built-in network connection options, including WiFi 6, Ethernet, or USB cellular modem. Without bonding, you only have one option at a time for connecting to the internet with no fall-back plan. But with network bonding, you can split your video bitrate across multiple internet connections, giving you a fail-safe connection. If one of your connection methods fails, bonding keeps your stream stable by giving it several other connections to fall back on.

Using the network bonding feature with Wave is a must-have for our productions. I’ve had ‘guaranteed’ secured hard lines go out on me while the local IT struggles to troubleshoot the network. With network bonding, we are able to secure a steady uplink for every production whether indoors, outdoors, or in congested versus rural areas. Without network bonding, the risk of dropping your feed is too great, making Sharelink worth it.”

- David Galligan, Founder of Galligan Media

It may be a little difficult to picture how network bonding actually works, so...

Let's get nerdy for a minute.

With Sharelink’s network bonding, encoded video is strategically divided, frame by frame, amongst ALL available internet connections. Once in the cloud, the frames are put back together into a full video stream. If a frame is missing from an issue with any of the connections, Sharelink can re-request the frame to patch it into the video stream before sending it to your chosen destination.

This way, you can stream at the highest quality and stability that your location allows, across all the connections. This is a must-have for live streaming professionals who want to provide the best image and avoid internet stability interruptions as much as possible.

For example – say you are using the Teradek Wave to live stream a church service. You have a WiFi connection with slow upload speeds, as well as two USB cellular modems plugged into your Wave unit. Your Wave and Sharelink account will work together to divide the encoded video data (your church’s live streaming service) amongst the internet connections (the WiFi and two USB cellular modems), and re-assemble them in the cloud on Sharelink.

Sharelink will then stream the service out to your selected platform destination(s), which transitions us into our next topic.

Multi-Destination Streaming

By default, Teradek Wave will natively stream to your Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Wowza, or Custom RTMP(S) destination. While a single destination stream is standard, it restricts your live stream to only broadcast to those who use the platform you select: catering to only a portion of your viewers, and neglecting the potential to reach a larger audience.

But with Sharelink, you no longer have to choose which platform would yield the best viewing results. With Sharelink, you have the power to say, “Why not all of them?”

When streaming to Sharelink with your Wave, Sharelink’s cloud servers can distribute the incoming video feed to as many destinations as you want. Grow your audience as you simultaneously stream your events to Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and even to multiple events, groups, or pages within each platform. If your platform of choice takes RTMP ingest, add as many RTMP destinations as you want. This serves your audience best to choose whichever platform they prefer to view your stream on while you get to capture those viewership numbers. With multistreaming, everybody wins.

Most clients want to hit multiple channels when streaming to social media: YouTube, multiple Facebook pages or groups, LinkedIn, etc. Having all that pre-built for the client in the cloud and available with a single push from the location lowers local streaming demands for the producer and increases reach for the client and raises the value of our streams.”

- Anthony Burokas, Broadcast TV Video Producer

Try it Out!

Pairing the Teradek Wave with a Sharelink subscription unlocks immense benefits for any streamer: amateaur or professional.

Curious about how much your live streaming would improve with Sharelink? Teradek offers a two month risk-free trial for all new Sharelink subscription accounts. Sign up on and receive 30 days for free. Get an additional 30 days free when you register your Wave unit to your Sharelink account.

After signing up, connect your Teradek Wave to your Sharelink account through the Wave’s interface, and watch as your Sharelink dashboard ingests the video feed through your encoder. Once your Wave unit and Sharelink account are connected, get ready to experience live streaming like never before.

Want to talk to an expert? Reach out and let's find out how Wave and Sharelink can solve your live streaming needs.

Let us know how Wave and Sharelink have improved your live streaming in the comments below!


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