Filmmakers Come Together for an Evening of Fun, Friends and Film at Creative Solutions LA

On October 12, Creative Solutions LA (CSLA) celebrated its grand opening with a gathering of filmmakers and industry professionals for an evening of film, friends and food. Tables were set, lights were hung, and the back lot and showroom of CSLA became the freshest party in all of LA.

In all seriousness, people from all over California (and some from outside California) attended to welcome a new chapter of Creative Solutions, which is the combined brands of Teradek, SmallHD and Wooden Camera. The new location is conveniently located and represents the brands’ dedication to supporting fellow filmmakers in the largest film production market in the world.

But on to the actual event, there was quite a lot to see. Upon arriving, valet attendants at the front of the building took care of the parking, compliments of CSLA. On one corner of the party area was catering - a taco stand with 2 chefs constantly churning out fresh food and a build-your-own station complete with salsa, vegetables and utensils behind. Another corner was the bar where 2 bartenders served anything from soda to beers to straight cocktails.

The showroom had each brands’ popular solutions on display along the wall, from Wooden Camera’s Zip Focus to SmallHD’s Focus Bolt and Teradek’s ACI. A center table was also stacked with camera builds featuring Wooden Camera’s actual wooden camera replicas of ARRI, Sony, Canon and RED cameras.

Followers of our blog might recognize some of the names in attendance. Graham Sheldon, who just got back from a travel series in Switzerland, dropped by from San Diego. He recently worked with us on Filming at 11,000 Feet in Switzerland where he took the Teradek Bolt and RT wireless lens solution up to the Swiss Alps.

Joshua Cote, 1st AC known for his meticulous Panavision builds, joined us at the party. He was the subject of our blog posts How to Design the Optimal Camera Setup & The Importance of a Thorough Camera Prep.

Chris Grubisa & Aleks Lason, Founders of Chrilleks Productions and contributors to Why I Moved to LA to Pursue My Dreams + First Impressions of the Bolt XT.

While we’re not always serving up food and refreshments, we’re always open for walk-ins and appointments (weekends). Stop by and take a tour of our new showroom!

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