4 Reasons to Have A Teradek ACI On Your Next Production

Photo by Greg Milneck, Digital FX Inc.

The new Teradek RT ACI (Assistant Camera Interface) is a RED DSMC2 module that optimizes camera control for operators and assistants on set. The module connects seamlessly to the assistant side of DSMC2 cameras, allowing operators and assistants to easily access the camera settings without disrupting the flow on set.

If you ever desired a better way to navigate your DSMC2’s deep menu settings, ACI is your answer. Greg Milneck, Founder of DigitalFX, recently posted this review on REDuser.

"We shoot mostly on REDs so the ACI was a no-brainer for us. The controls allow our assistants to quickly access and change DSMC2 settings without having to dig through a touch screen, which is critical for keeping the pace moving on sets. It's the best module to add to your DSMC2 camera." - Greg Milneck, Founder of Digital FX, Inc.

Photo by Greg Milneck, Digital FX Inc.

Not sure if ACI is right for you? Here are 4 reasons you should consider having one on your next production:

  1. Physical Controls Make Navigating Faster

RED’s touchscreen is intuitive, but physical buttons make it much easier for assistants and operators to change settings. Filming on a cold set and tired of taking off your gloves to use the touchscreen? Or perhaps you work in a fast-paced environment where push-button shortcuts are a lifesaver? The Teradek RT ACI is here to help save you from slowing down the shoot.

  1. Customizable to Your Shooting Style

Whether you’re shooting commercials, documentaries, or studio narratives, customizable buttons give you immediate access to the functions you use the most. From Peaking to White Balance to SDI Overlays, the Teradek RT ACI’s 6x LED buttons are user-defined so you can personalize the DSMC2 settings to better suit your style.

Additionally, the ACI’s Light and Dark Mode options allow you to adjust the LED brightness for any production setting. Light Mode is excellent for filming outdoors to cut through glare on the LED screen, while Dark Mode adjusts the display to avoid light leaks on a dark studio set.

Dark Mode (left), Light Mode (right)
  1. Assistant Side Access

ACI modules mount seamlessly to the side of DSMC2 cameras, making it easy for assistants to change settings without affecting the operator’s touchscreen. Give ACs their own dedicated control module for the RED camera so they can manage tasks efficiently without getting in the way.

  1. Reduce Cable Clutter on RT Sets

Want to reduce clutter on your camera? The MDR.ACI (releasing January 2019) doubles as a Teradek RT receiver, with 3 integrated motor ports for connecting Teradek RT MK3.1 or MOTR.X lens motors for complete wireless FIZ controls. The MDR.ACI not only provides easy access DSMC2 camera control settings, but also removes the need for an additional Teradek RT receiver, saving you space and weight on your rig.

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