How to Use Your Telna SIM cards

Telna SIM cards provide the most flexible, high-speed, multi-carrier 4G LTE coverage with pay-as-you-go pricing and automatic network switching when multiple carriers are available, so you always have the best connection at any location.

Setup Your Telna SIM

    1. Confirm Region Compatibility - Using the chart below, look up carrier availability for your region/country.
    2. Create Your Telna Account - Activate your Telna SIMs by calling +1 (888) 310-6791 to set up your account.
    3. Install SIM card - Insert the SIM card into your Node, and you’re ready to connect.

If you want to bond multiple SIM card connections at the same time, make sure you have an active Core or Sharelink subscription.

Want to learn more about your Telna SIMs? Check out our Support Page

1. Confirm Region Compatibility

Your Telna SIM will operate in the same region as your Node modems. For instance, if you ordered North American Nodes, you also received North American SIM cards. Refer to the list below to see which carriers Telna uses in your country. As long as you have credit in your Telna account, your SIM will work in any country within the designated region.

Operator Service Type End User Rate GB (USD)
Select a Region and Country above first

2. Create Your Telna Account

To activate your Telna SIM cards:

    1. Contact Telna Support at +1 (888) 310-6791 and follow the onboarding instructions to get started.
    2. Once your SIM cards are activated, log into your Telna account, on Teradek’s Telna Portal (, so you can manage your account.
    3. Add or remove SIM cards from groups, pay for data, and more.

3. Install SIM Card

    1. Remove the SIM cover plate located on the side of the Node.
    2. Insert a SIM card into the slot.
    3. Replace the cover plate and screw

If you're having an issue getting the SIM card into the Node, please ensure that you're pushing the SIM far enough into the Node's slot.


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