Rundown: Bolt XT & Bolt LT

We’re super excited to introduce the latest generation of our industry-leading wireless monitoring systems: the Bolt XT & Bolt LT! With a high-end, feature-packed version and a budget-friendly version, the Bolt line is making zero-delay video accessible to the entire cinema and broadcast world.

Want to see how they compare?

Bolt XT

What Is It?

The Bolt XT is the next generation of the Bolt family, featuring flawless HD video, incredible range, smart design and a suite of powerful software tools.

Available in 500 ft, 1000 ft. and 3000 ft. models.

What Does It Do?

Bolt XT transmits pristine 1080p60 HD video from a camera or video source to receivers instantly, allowing for real-time monitoring of every shot. Each Bolt XT transmitter can be paired with up to 4 receivers, including 3rd generation Bolt receivers (of the same range), 703 Bolts and Sidekick IIs.

In addition to wireless monitoring, Bolt XT also offers several software features:

  • 3D LUTs - apply looks directly to the video feed. Upload your own LUTs or select from presets native in the Bolt.
  • Cross Conversion - Bolt XT automatically converts resolution, frame rate and input/output interfaces for seamless transport to external monitors.
  • 5GHz Spectrum Analyzer - scans the surrounding area for radio frequency (RF) congestion. This helps to determine which frequency to set your devices to operate on for best transmission results.
  • Channel Selection - manually choose which 5Ghz frequency channel to operate on.

Check out our guide on the Spectrum Analyzer here.

Special Features

  • Dual Inputs - XT transmitters feature HDMI & 3G-SDI inputs with a 3G-SDI looping output.
  • Dual SDI Outputs - XT receivers feature HDMI & 2x SDI outputs.
  • NATO rail - 1000 XT and 3000 XT receivers have built-in NATO rails for easy mounting.
  • ARRI ⅜ Pin-Loc - built-in on all XT (and LT) transmitters.
  • Additional mounting options - Gold & V-mount battery plates can be added onto receivers.
    • Sony L-series and Canon LP-E6 plates can also be added to either the RX or TX.
  • Pass-Through Power - all battery plates feature pass-through power via a second plate (Gold / V mount on 1000 XT and 3000 XT receivers), P-Tap (Gold and V mount plates) or barrel connector (Sony and Canon plates).

Bolt LT

What Is It?

The Bolt LT is an affordable zero-delay monitoring system with the same wireless power of the industry-leading Bolt XT line. The LT sacrifices some hardware and software features, but more than makes up for it with an incredible price-to-performance ratio.

Available in 500 ft. and 1000 ft. models.

What Does It Do?

Like the Bolt XT, the Bolt LT delivers 1080p60 HD video from transmitter to receiver, allowing for real-time monitoring on external monitors. Bolt LT is perfect for filmmakers on a budget and is compatible with Bolt XT, 3rd Generation Bolts, Sidekick II, 703 Bolt, and FOCUS Bolt TX / RX models of the same range.

Special Features

  • ARRI ⅜ Pin-Loc - built-in in all LT (and XT) transmitters.
  • Additional power options - Sony L-series and Canon LP-E6 battery plates can added to receivers.
  • Pass-Through Power - Sony and Canon battery plates feature a barrel connector that can power additional accessories.

Units are expected to ship at the end of May. Reserve yours today!


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