5 Ways Schools Can Live Stream With iPad Live:Air

Organizations big and small are all utilizing live streaming avenues to publicize their events these days, and schools are no exception to this new innovation. From club meetings to football games, there are no shortages of school ceremonies that aren’t worth broadcasting to audiences not present at events. While many schools struggle to find adequate software and budgeting to attain these streaming solutions, the Live:Air app makes this process incredibly straightforward and affordable. Here are just a few ways the Live:Air App can assist in school event streaming.

1. Simplicity in Student Hands

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The great thing about Live:Air is that it combines the immersive experience of broadcasting with the familiarity of an iOS app, streamlining the process with a tool students can easily comprehend. With a clean interface that requires only a few clicks to enable streaming on a social media platform, students with minimal technical experience can effortlessly begin broadcasting a multi-camera live production straight to the school’s Facebook Live or Ustream account. Adding graphics and switching between multiple camera feeds are also very straightforward and made for your average smartphone user.

2. Cost Effective For School Budgets

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With ever-thinning budgets granted to K-12 schools for art programs such as broadcasting, it’s pretty difficult for schools to afford high-quality equipment and software for live streaming. Luckily, the app solves both of these problems, as any student/teacher with an iPad can broadcast harmoniously to the social media of his or her choice.
Live:Air Solo (a miniature version of Live:Air) is completely free and perfect for iPhone users. Live:Air is free with watermark for iPad users; a one-time fee of $49 removes the watermark and broadcast time limit.

3. Learn Broadcasting/Build Character

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Experimenting with live-streaming is actually an excellent way to educate young minds interested in new-world communication, at the same time developing essential personality characteristics.

Because the app offers access to multiple social media channels, along with a sizable collection of simplistic editing tools, students can easily create their own streams and at the same time learn the fundamentals of filming. Live streaming also helps students to develop team-work, public speaking, organization skills and much more when producing a stream together, making broadcasting a multifaceted, learning and character-building activity.

The skills and techniques gained from using the Live:Air app in a classroom parallels that of a professional broadcast system. Students with prospective careers in the industry will graduate having the expertise and confidence to pursue a life in broadcasting. As Jon Souders, instructor of Digital Media at Cleveland High School, states “I’m teaching you to be successful at life.”

4. Fast Setup

fast setup, cleveland high school, live:air

When Cleveland High School augmented their broadcasting system to utilize the Live:Air app, one of their acknowledgements about the change is not having to spend several hours on a complicated setup. Armed with a couple of iOS devices (4 can be connected and streamed together simultaneously) and their tripods, the students were able to live stream assemblies and small school events with a setup time of around 15 minutes. This essentially reduced prep time setting up broadcasts, which allowed the school to cover more events including smaller ones which were previously neglected.

5. Community-Building

Not everyone in the family can make it to the game; people have busy lives. But no one is too busy to peek at their Facebook every once in awhile, making this is a great opportunity for parents/family to engage with their little ones without being physically present. Stuck at work? Live in another city? No problem; Live:Air simplifies the streaming process for users and brings the content to the parents.

With more and more schools implementing live streaming into their events, and websites such as thecube.com making these videos ever more accessible, schools can get a lot of mileage by applying the simplicity of Live:Air to their broadcasting. Even for schools without an official broadcasting program, using the app to stream can be a great way to publicize their events and show the world how great their school is.

Cleveland High School goes Live! with Live:Air from Teradek on Vimeo.




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