For details about on set, near set, and off set monitoring or to see diagrams and workflows, visit our previous blog post.

Does the Serv Pro work well with infrastructure WiFi?

    • Yes, absolutely. There’s two ways Serv works. In AP mode, meaning the Serv Pro is creating a wireless network, iPads, iPhones, and laptops join the Serv Pro’s network. This is great for single camera shoots.
    • Infrastructure or “client” mode is when the Serv Pro joins another WiFi network, link a Link. In this setup, iPads, iPhones, and Laptops running Vuer will also join the WiFi network. This is great for multi-camera shoots, so that you can see multiple Serv Pros on one network in each device.

If I have four zero latency transmitters, such as Bolt 2000’s or Paralinx Tomahawks, for zero latency video needs for AC’s pulling focus or stunts coordinators, can I operate four Serv Pro’s and Links in conjunction with the 4 zero latency systems without interference with each other?

    • Using zero-latency systems like Bolt and Wifi-based systems in the same location is a common practice. There are some best practices to ensure that interference does not occur, since both can use the 5Ghz frequencies. For example channel frequencies using Bolt as well as setting channels on Serv.
    • It is correct that you will need a Serv Pro for every camera source.

Does the Link work in combination with the Cube or is that where the Node comes into play?

    • Teradek Link is a wireless router, built for the production world. If you are looking to create a wireless network to connect encoders and devices like iOS and MacOS, you can do so with Link. In order to provide an internet connection to the Link’s network, you can either provide an ethernet source or a Teradek Node via USB. By using a Teradek Node Modem and cellular data, you are providing cellular internet connectivity to the network.
    • A Teradek Node can work directly with a Cube if you do not need a WiFi network, but would like to give internet access to the Cube. Please note, a Serv Pro cannot work directly with a Teradek Node, you would need to connect to a link, and attach the Node to the link.

Can you use Serv Pro to feed into a zoom?

    • Serv Pro does not interact directly with Zoom, however, Zoom is often used side by side with our remote monitoring solutions.

Do the Bolt 3000 receivers feed into a computer via USB?

    • The current generation of Bolts do not input directly into a computer via USB. However, you could use the SDI or HDMI outputs and connect to a third party capture capture card or to one of our encoders.
    • The previous generation of Bolts does have a USB 3.0 GRAB Engine output, which can feed into a computer via USB.

When you run a Cube on a local network, Does it have the same 10 device limit as the Serv Pro?

    • Yes a maximum of 10 devices.

Please talk about necessary bandwidth for remote Core and Zoom use.

    • Core itself runs in the cloud, so the bandwidth requirement for our solution will be with the encoders like Serv Pro and Cube. Typically a single H.264/AVC 1080p30 signal needs at least 3.5-5 Mbps of uplink.
    • Utilizing a Teradek encoder like Cube or Bond with H.265/HEVC will allow you to use about half the amount of bandwidth typically required with H.264/AVC.
    • If you are having trouble getting enough bandwidth dedicated to your setup, Bond Pro Backpack is an all-in-one solution that includes 4x Teradek Node Modems in which you add SIM card data to and would provide adequate bandwidth.

Can I choose/control frequencies or channels on the Serv Pro and Link?

    • Yes

If I have a rudimentary setup with a Sony camera that has the capacity to send out a WiFi signal of my master camera shot, what would I need on monitors like SmallHD to receive this signal for clients to view in other rooms adjoining the set?

    • WiFi directly out of a camera varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. So utilizing this WiFi connection is not supported natively in any SmallHD or Teradek products.
    • If you’re looking to utilize zero delay wireless technology, the Teradek Bolt is right for you.
    • If you’re looking to utilize wireless monitoring for iPads and iPhones, locally or even remotely, Serv Pro is a good option.
    • If you’re looking for remote, off-set monitoring, Cube or Bond Pro Backpack is the way to go.

Can you use a DA box in conjunction with the Serv Pro or Cube if needed?

    • Serv Pro and Cube work with most HDMI and SDI signals, even coming from a DA.

When a client is receiving VLC from Bond, is there a way to password protect the connection? VLC uses the Bond IP, but that iIP is saved in VLC after filming is complete.

    • The best way to ensure security of your remote feed, whether it be with a Bond, Serv Pro, or Cube is using Core and receiving with one of the dedicated applications (CoreTV or Vuer) or a hardware Teradek decoder. By doing so, this provides an end-to-end encrypted workflow. CoreTV and Vuer are available on MacOS, AppleTV, and web browsers in addition to iPads and iPhones.

What is the range of the Link? If I were to add additional Links, to expand the range, is there any additional delay/latency? What is the max number of Links that can be connected to each other to increase the range?

    • Link offers 1000 ft. in WiFi coverage.
    • If you add additional Links to your network, there is no additional delay or latency.
    • There is no limit to the number of Links you can connect in bridge mode.

Can multiple Serv Pros be connected to an existing private WiFi network instead of using a Link?

    • You can connect Serv Pros to other third party WiFi networks and has ability to configure SSID password input.
    • We recommend using a dedicated WiFi network for your wireless monitoring in order to optimize the performance and reliability of your video stream.

Do you have a recommendation for how to stream from the cube in an area where there is no wifi/internet available, like in the woods with a hotspot?

  • The best solution for remote monitoring from a location without an available WiFi or internet connection is Teradek Bond Pro Backpack. Bond Pro Backpack is an all-in-one solution that includes 4x Teradek Node Modems in which you add SIM card data to, and would provide adequate bandwidth.
  • You can use Cube with a single Teradek Node Modem connected via USB.
  • You can also connect Cube’s WiFi to a mobile hotspot or phone.

Is a hard internet line required for the Cube? What is the approximate setup time for the Cube?

    • It is recommended to use a hard-lined ethernet connection for most internet connectivity applications. However it is not required and in addition to Ethernet, Cube can connect to the internet via WiFi or Teradek Node Modem over USB.

I currently have a Teradek Bolt. What hardware could I introduce to have the ability to send signal from camera to iPad either on set or on the web?

    • The most versatile solution would be a Teradek Cube. The Cube is capable of both sending to iPads and iPhones near-set, but also able to connect to Core, which will enable an off-set remote monitoring workflow.

With the Bond, does each Node have its own Sim Card and plan? Or are they shared over one?

    • All Teradek Node Modems come with a Telna SIM card. Telna is a third-party company that Teradek has partnered with to streamline cellular data providers. All data can be purchased through on Telna account and shared across all SIM cards.
    • You can provide SIM cards and data from other carriers other than Telna as well.

How many collaborators can you have on Core at the same time? Basically, how many people can see what you see in Core?

    • Technically, it is unlimited.

Has any talkback features been enabled yet? How do the remote clients communicate back?

    • It is something we are developing and planning to build into the software.

Where does the VidiU line fall into all this?

    • The Teradek Vidiu line of products are for streaming to platforms like Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch and other RTMP(S) destinations.
    • This is not ideal for low latency viewing as online video platforms add delay and also do not ensure privacy or encryption.

I want to know if if is possible for the Serv Pro and Cube to work alongside each other or if they could interfere with each other somehow.

    • Serv Pro, Cube, and all Teradek devices can all work alongside each other.

Is it required to use Core with the Cube?

    • It's not required. Cube can do local monitoring on iPads without Core. But if you want to do remote off set monitoring in different locations, you’ll want to use Core.

For details about on set, near set, and off set monitoring or to see diagrams and workflows, visit our blog.


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