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In the upcoming feature-film SUNDAY, cinematographer Eve Cohen captures a hybrid documentary/narrative. 

See how Eve tackles this multi-cam shoot by setting up a few Teradek Cubes to monitor on an iPad Pro.

With the Teraview app, the iPad Pro is able to receive the wireless camera feeds and display all four camera angles at once.

Seed&Spark and Teradek Partner to Bring More Essential Production Services to Independent Filmmakers

Seed&Spark and Teradek today announced a partnership that will reward successful crowdfunding campaigns by giving away Teradek products to filmmakers who gain 500+ followers on Seed&Sparks crowdfunding platform. 

“We have built a crowdfunding platform with the highest campaign success rate in the world,” said Emily Best, Seed&Sparks CEO.  “We know that the only proven path to independence as an artist is a direct connection to your audience.  We believe that our partnership with Teradek is a great incentive for filmmakers to do the important work of building and engaging with people who will see their work.”

The foundation for the partnership was laid when team members of Seed&Spark, working on a personal project, realized what an essential, money-saving component this could be for independent filmmakers.  “We were shooting a hybrid documentary/narrative feature film that required a 4-camera set-up; incorporating Teradek allowed us to save precious time while maintaining the essential flexibility required for this style of film,” said cinematographer and Seed&Spark founding member Eve Cohen.

In 2016, Seed&Spark will continue to teach the “Crowdfunding to Build Independence” workshop at top tier North American film festivals.  Using Teradeks technology, Seed&Spark will begin live-streaming the workshop to provide filmmakers around the world with an action plan to create lasting relationships with their audience.

Says Teradek CEO and Founder Nicol Verheem, “Our partnership with Seed&Spark ensures that we are getting our products into the hands of some of the most highly motivated filmmakers in the world.  Together, were providing the tools and education for this generation of filmmakers, and generations to come, to develop sustainable, future-proof careers.”

To facilitate getting Teradeks tools into the hands of filmmakers, Teradek will be the featured product in the Seed&Spark filmmaker gift box – a box that Seed&Spark has committed to giving to every filmmaker on their platform who reaches 500 followers on their crowdfunding campaign.  “The gift boxes are meant to give filmmakers an additional reward for staying focused on audience building,” says Best.  “Building audiences now also unlocks thousands of dollars in discounts.” 

Those discounts on production services range from editing collaboration tools (Frame.io) to DCP creation and delivery (Simple DCP) to music licensing (Synk.io) and credits creation (Endcrawl). Additionally, Smarthouse Creative is offering a free marketing consultation, and the Law Firmof Stacey Davis is offering a free legal consultation. When a filmmaker is finished with the film, the box also includes festival fee waivers to some of the most artist-friendly festivals in the US, including Sarasota Film Festival, Oakcliff Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival, Chattanooga Film Festival, and Hells Half Mile Film Festival, with more to come.

The future of independent filmmaking requires innovation at all stages. Seed&Spark and Teradek have come together in pursuit of fostering a culture of opportunity.



Teradek, a Vitec Group brand, manufactures wireless video devices for remote video capture, live ENG backhaul, real-time monitoring, proxy recording, and webcasting.  For complex IP video systems, Teradek's cloud-based workflow management platform allows users to remotely operate a fleet of Teradek encoders in real-time from anywhere in the world.


Seed&Spark is a crowdfunding and distribution platform that allows content creators to connect directly to their audiences.  Since its launch in 2012, Seed&Spark has quickly become the most effective film crowdfunding platform on the market, with the highest campaign success rate in the world—raising millions of dollars for hundreds of projects across a wide array of genres and media.


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