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Live streaming is becoming more mainstream than ever, so it’s never been more important to know how to use easy, accessible tools that can get you ahead of the game with a cost-effective stream at broadcast quality. 


Bandwidth is Your Friend

Before anything can get done, a solid Internet connection is priority and luckily we’re finding more and more ways to strengthen these connections.

(Cellular via Mobile, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Modem)


For example, Teradek’s ShareLink technology actively combines the strength of multiple Internet connections – hardline Ethernet, cellular via hotspots, USB modems, or mobile phones – to create a high bandwidth and robust connection. So instead of having to purchase a single connection that provides all of your bandwidth and can potentially dropout, you can mix connections you already have from your day-to-day life.


Bigger is Not Always Better

For video quality, the school of thought is that higher bitrates lead to higher quality. This might be true for recorded video, but not so much for live streaming. Not only is a higher bitrate underutilized since it’s eventually transcoded by your final destination, but it also gets very demanding on your network connection, jeopardizing your reliability.



To mitigate this, you can select a device that is dedicated to streaming live, rather than a software-based encoder or high bitrate IP solution.

Learn more about dedicated live streaming encoders from Teradek.

Internet Connectivity Unites with ShareLink

Until today, the cost for this technology has been priced for high-end live streaming applications.

With Teradek’s new ShareLink technology, you can combine multiple Internet connections to improve the consistency of your stream. It’s designed to support turnkey applications and because of its affordable cost, organizations and individuals alike can take advantage.

Learn more about ShareLink.

What’s Next?

Technology is constantly changing and this article only scratches the surface. The above isn’t a prescription, but a successful live stream and future-proof workflow depends on which components you decide to use going forward, so choose wisely.

Learn more about the new, Teradek VidiU Pro.



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