Teradek Sidekick - Universal Companion Receiver

The Teradek Bolt Sidekick is a lightweight universal companion receiver with a range of up to 300ft. The Sidekick is compatible with Paralinx Ace/Arrow-X/Tomahawk and Teradek Bolt Pro 300/600/2000 wireless systems.

Please note the Sidekick does not support Timecode, Start/Stop flags when paired with any transmitter and will not support PsF signal input when paired with Paralinx Arrow-X/Tomahawk transmitters.

What's in the Box:
• 1x Sidekick Receiver (SDI or HDMI output)
• 1x Video Cable (18in BNC or HDMI cable)
• 1x Power Supply Unit (2-Pin Connector 18W AC Power Adapter w/6 foot Cable)
• 1x 18in USB Cable (Mini-USB to USB 18 inch)
• 1-Year Warranty

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