Paralinx Triton Receiver

    The Paralinx Triton is the next-generation wireless video solution for DSLR videography, as comfortable rigged to a handheld gimbal system as it is on an unmanned aerial video platform. With a compact and lightweight design, integrated battery plates and unheard-of range for such an affordable price, the Triton system fits seamlessly into any production environment. 

    Features Include:
    - Transmit a FULL-HD signal up to 1080p/60 in REALTIME (less than 1ms)
    - Up to 450 feet/140m of range
    - Manual Channel Selection within 5.1-5.8GHz spectrum (8 channels)
    - Transmit to unlimited receivers
    - LCD displays signal strength, battery charge, and channel selection
    - Cold-shoe mount for easy mounting of transmitter on a DSLR
    - 1/4-20 mounting option on both transmitter and receiver
    - Integrated battery plates for power on both transmitter and receiver
    - 6-17V DC power input on transmitter and receiver
    - 128-bit AES Encryption

    Transmitter (without antennas): 118mm x 52mm x 43mm
    Receiver: 118mm x 60.5mm x 44.5mm

    Weight (without batteries):
    Transmitter: 4.6oz / 130g
    Receiver: 4.8oz / 136g

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