OMOD Motor Kit (Z) - With 6 Axis Controller

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OMOD Motor Kit (Z)

With 6 Axis Controller


This is a complete single motor RTMotion system with MK3.1 Controller with Forcezoom upgrade - when combined with an OFFHOLLYWOOD OMOD. Simply add any additional motors and accessories your specific setup requires. The OMOD COMMAND RT and POE are both equipped with our MDR technology and can drive up to 3 RTMotion lens motors.

  • Cinema quality wireless control of PL glass - add up to two addional motors
  • Worlds first brushless vector drive lens motor - Faster response, smoother, quieter, high resolution encoder, no cogging, no sparking, 4x the service life of brushed motors
  • Wireless controller with six customisable axes (Knob, Slider, Wheel A, Wheel B, Forcezoom X, Forcezoom Y)
  • Well over 1km rock-solid wireless range, ideal for busy cities, stadiums and other harsh RF environments
  • Supports up to two Thumbwheels via IN-1 and IN-2 ports

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