This product only includes Bond. Please purchase a package if you need Cube(s).


    Bond liberates on-location video transmission over cellular networks from the confines of high cost commitments and bulky equipment. Built with the same chassis as our award-winning Cube, Bond is not only smaller than any other network bonding solution today, it is easier to use and is offered at a far lower price point than competitors.

    The combination of Cube and Bond is the smallest, lowest power and most cost effective cellular bonding solution available.

    This game-changing device is designed to attach to and extend the connectivity of Cube to support up to five 3G or 4G cellular modems simultaneously from multiple carriers worldwide.

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    HD Streaming Over Multiple 3G & 4G Networks

    We achieved this by incorporating cutting edge technologies such as low power hardware-based video compression and advanced streaming options like MPEG-TS, RTMP, and Teradek's revolutionary Adaptive Internet Streaming technology, which constantly adjusts bit rate and buffering on the fly based on varying network conditions.

    Includes MPEG-TS Compliant AGGREGATION Software: Sputnik

    To re-combine the multiple data streams, we have developed Sputnik, Teradek's proprietary aggregation software. Sputnik is available as a free download and runs on any Linux server or in the cloud. Sputnik re-combines the cellular data streams and either sends to Livestream or generates an MPEG-TS stream* compatible with most H.264 IP decoders, including our own Cube decoder -- the smallest and lowest priced H.264 to HD-SDI decoder available.

    *Additional license required

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