Beam Sets (TX + RX)

    Teradek Beam Transmitter/Receiver Set

    The Teradek Beam Transmitter Receiver set comes with 1 Beam Transmitter and 1 Beam Receiver in an SKB Case.

    Beam is multicast capable to an unlimited number of Rx over LAN and to up to 4 receivers over WiFi.
    This set contains 1 Receiver but please consider purchasing additional Beam Receivers.

    1 Beam Transmitter

    The Beam Transmitter has 3G-SDI Input, is a full HD camera-back H.264 encoder, capable of delivering stunning video at bit rates up to 50Mbps* using unlicensed 5GHz band with a range of 2500ft with just 2 frames of latency.


    *Transmitting above 30Mbps requires using the LAN port.

    1 Beam Receiver

    This set comes with 1 Beam Receiver with 3G-SDI Output and includes a dedicated bidirectional IFB channel.


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