Paralinx Arrow-X Receiver (Receiver ONLY)

    The Paralinx Arrow-X System is a revolutionary HD Video Transmission system offering Realtime Wireless HD with robust long range for your Television, Film, Broadcast, Industrial or UAV/UAS application.

    The Paralinx Arrow-X transmits full-HD 1080p/60 with a range of up to 700 feet (215m) with default antennas (longer range possible with optional antennas) and still maintains an incredible sub 1ms latency glass-to-glass.

    The Arrow-X receiver features 2-Pin Lemo power connectors capable of a wide 7-17V unregulated input voltage and dual 3G-SDI video outputs.

    Much like the popular Paralinx Tomahawk, the Arrow-X transmits Full-HD video (up to 1080p/60 4:2:2) with less than 1 millisecond delay and is capable of handling up to 4 simultaneous receivers. The receiver weighs 12 oz/340g (without antennas).

    Battery plateantennamountingpower cable, and case options are available as accessories. 

    Arrow-X Receiver Features:

    • Lightweight Minimalist design for reduced payload

    • Dual 3G-SDI outputs

    • Rugged ABS enclosure

    • Long-range transmission - Up to 700 feet (215 meters) *

    • REAL-TIME viewing - Less than 1 millisecond latency

    • Uncompressed full-HD video signal allow critically accurate monitoring

    • Multicast capable (up to 4 receivers per transmitter)

    • 128 bit AES Encryption - Secure transmission

    • Operates on 5gHz frequency band

    • Conforms to major technical and environmental standards including FCC, CE, MIC (TELEC) and RoHS Specifications

    * Range may vary depending on environment and interference

    Dimensions (US): 5" x 5.6" x 1.3" (not including antennas)
    Dimensions (EU): 143mm x 128mm x 33mm
    Weight:  12oz / 340g (without antennas)

    In the box: 

    1 Arrow-X receiver w/stock antennas (dual-SDI outputs)
    1 AC power adapter with 2-pin Lemo-type connector
    1 mini-USB to USB cable (for firmware updates only)

    NOTE: Additional Power Cables for the Arrow-X system must be purchased separately. PTap to 2-pin Lemo-type2-pin Lemo-type to 2-pin Lemo-type, and JST-RCY to 2-pin Lemo-type options are available.


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