Live Event Broadcast


With Cube™, streaming Blu-ray quality HD video over the Internet has never been easier. Cube™'s native integration with Livestream means that no IT department is needed to create your own HD streaming video channel on the web. Simply plug in your camera, enter your Livestream user name and password into Cube™'s menu system, and begin streaming to your own channel. Integrating the live or recorded video into your own website is as simple as copy & paste. All that is required is a broadband uplink.


Cube™ uses standards based H.264 video compression, so IT savvy users can set up their own content distribution if desired. Livestream isn't required for Internet streaming, but it is an elegant turnkey solution. Large live events with multi-camera video productions can use Cube™ to stream HD video wireless from a roaming camera back to the video switcher. Cube™ can also encode the output from a traditional video switcher, so you can begin streaming HD video to the Internet without upgrading your switcher.



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