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Introducing the next generation of advanced wireless lens and camera control

Today’s fast-paced cinematography calls for complete freedom and mobility on set, and that requires the best in wireless follow focus systems. Our new Teradek RT systems are designed to meet the demands of every production, with precision lens control, built-in lens mapping, and real- time data overlays on SmallHD monitors.


Single-Axis Controller with Lens Mapping

The CTRL.1 hand unit is a powerful, single-axis wireless controller with built-in lens mapping and data storage, saving time on calibration during lens swaps. Paired with compatible SmallHD monitors with integrated Bolt receivers, the CTRL.1 can overlay lens focal distance directly on the monitor, creating the world’s first all-in-one wireless video & lens control solution.


Smooth Motors with More Torque

The MOTR.X is the fastest lens control motor in the industry. Motors are totally silent while the high speed and torque create a feeling of instant responsiveness. New in/out motor ports pass data and power, allowing MOTR.X units to be daisy-chained from one unit to the next to reduce cable clutter on your camera. Motors also feature a selection button and 3 LED lights for indicating focus/iris/zoom.

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