Real-time Mobile Device Monitoring

Stream live HD video from your camera, video switcher, or DIT cart to multiple iOS/Android and MacOS devices.


At the core of Teradek’s mobile device monitoring workflow is Vuer, a free iOS/Android and MacOS application that brings a comprehensive cinematographer’s toolset to your device. Vuer can display up to 4 live HD video feeds at one time, each with its own independent set of tools to help you and your crew gain insights into your footage.

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How it all works together

Serv can be used for a variety of different workflows, from the solo camera operator to multi-location client viewing.
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In this setup, Serv acts as the master WiFi access point that your iOS/Android and MacOS devices connect to. This workflow is ideal for run-and-gun, highly mobile shoots when you need to keep equipment to a minimum. From Serv, you will get up to 300ft of WiFi range, as well as a single video feed for up to 10 iOS/Android and MacOS devices to monitor.

Serv workflow diagram

For fixed locations, the Teradek Link WiFi router is recommended for the best wireless performance and range. Simply connect your Serv and iOS/Android/MacOS devices to Link, launch the Vuer application, and begin monitoring up to 1000ft away from the router.

Serv workflow diagram

To send feeds to other locations, Serv Pro can connect to Teradek’s cloud management software, Core, to manage feeds. Simply connect your Serv to Core and clients anywhere with iOS/Android and MacOS devices can use the VUER application to begin monitoring feeds shared with them.

*Requires Core Subscription

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To monitor several video feeds at once, a wireless access point like Link is required to ensure optimal performance. Once each Serv and iOS/Android/MacOS device connects to Link’s WiFi network, the Vuer app will automatically detect the incoming video feeds on your device, allowing you to view up to 4 separate streams at one time.

Serv workflow diagram

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