Camera Expansion Module for RED DSMC2

The Ultimate Red Camera Companion

Teradek OMOD modules expand the functionality and features of your RED® Weapon, Epic-W, Scarlet-W or Raven DSMC2 camera with advanced signal and metadata I/O, lens control integration, color processing, timecode / genlock and professional field audio.

Next Level Audio & Video

OMOD is perfect for every shooting style, whether you’re filming a documentary, narrative, reality television, or even live production. OMOD mounts seamlessly onto any RED DSMC2 camera, making it easier than ever to get more out of your camera.

Powerful Image Processing

Command Models feature 3 independent HD-SDI outputs that give you the most advanced signal path options.

Uncompromising Wireless Control

Command models offer powerful dual-band 2.4 / 5 GHz WiFi, allowing you to live grade color, configure OMOD’s SDI outputs, and control your RED camera at a distance up to 350 ft.


FoolControl lets you take full control over a RED DSMC2 camera connected to the same network as your iOS device or computer, allowing you to manage every major parameter of your camera remotely.

Built-In Teradek RT Receiver

Command RT+ reduces clutter on your camera by integrating a 3-channel Teradek RT receiver, giving you premium wireless lens control with unparalleled accuracy and a 5000 ft. range.

Teradek RT Latitude

Perfect for aerial shoots and gimbal operators, the built-in Latitude receiver allows you to control Canon EF lenses electronically over huge distances without motors or with thumbwheels. For more traditional setups, up to 3 Teradek RT brushless motors can be used to control your lenses’ focus, iris, and zoom.

Picture-Perfect Time Sync

Command models features integrated, wireless timecode and an internal genlock generator with Ambient ACN (Ambient Communication Network). This means no more time code boxes velcroed to the side of the camera, no more re-jamming, no more drift and no more complaints from post.

ACN allows you to wirelessly jam all time-code device clocks on the set with line-accurate syncing. It’s an innovative, timesaving metadata collection/management system combined with the distribution of Ambient’s world-renowned timecode.

Enhance Your Rig

Complete your camera setup with custom mounting options, grips, protections and more.

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Looking for professional in-camera audio features for your RED DSMC2, check out XLR2 Check out OMOD XLR2

High Resolution In-Camera Audio

OMOD XLR2 empowers documentarians, filmmakers and ENG operators with professional, high-quality, in-camera audio and connectivity without the clutter and hassle.

Audio I/O

With two balanced XLR inputs, a 3.5mm headphone output, push-to-operate controls, and an AES input option, the XLR2 greatly simplifies the audio workflow for RED.


A 5-pin Timecode input, a CTRL input for Teradek RT Latitude MDR receivers, and 3-pin Aux Power + Run/Stop Trigger make the XLR2 more than just an audio accessory, it’s the heart of your run-and-gun rig.

Enhance Your Rig

Complete your camera setup with custom mounting options, grips, protections and more.

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Looking for advanced image processing, ACN timecode and integrated Teradek RT lens control? Check out check out Command+


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