Clip is a miniature streaming device for real-time confidence monitoring on iPads and iPhones

Clip drawing schematics

Miniature Design

Clip is about the size of a matchbox, requires just 3.5W for power, and weighs approximately 2 ounces.

Clip with WiFi antennas, HDMI input and 1080 support

Wireless Connectivity

With built-in 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, Clip can connect directly to a smartphone or tablet, as well as any 2.4/5.8Ghz wireless network.

Clip Mount

Mounting Simplicity

Attach Clip to any camera rig using the included mounting bracket and a ¼”-20 screw.

Multiple versions of Clip with ABS plastic or hardened aluminum chassis

Multiple Versions

There are several Clip models available to suit the needs of any filmmaker or production company. Clip Pro offers a hardened aluminum chassis for those who anticipate heavy use, while the ABS plastic version comes with your choice of internal or external antennas. Clip decoders are also available for simple point to point streaming over local networks and the internet.

Ultra Low Delay

To provide a robust, low latency video transmission, Clip uses the proprietary TDS protocol, which ensures video footage streams to your phone or tablet at less than 4 frames of latency. Should you move outside of Clip’s wireless range, your video link will be instantly re-established once you are back within reach.

Clip Diagram workflow diagram connecting from video input to iOS for monitoring

TeraView Application

For multi-camera shoots, turn your iOS device into a multi-view monitor with the free Teraview application. Teraview lets you view up to 4 separate live video feeds from Teradek Cube or Clip encoders in real-time.

teraview iOS app on an ipad pro, ipad and iphone

Point to Point

If you prefer to use Clip as a wireless camera for your video switcher or view your footage on a professional monitor, the Clip decoder is the solution for you. With an HDMI output, low power requirements, and your choice of a plastic or metal chassis, the Clip decoder is an incredible value for on-the-go production companies.

T-Rax encoders can stream to Cube, Slice, and T-Rax decoder cards, in addition to 3rd party decoding solutions compatible with MPEG-TS.

Clip Decoder attached to a monitor
Clip with Optional RTSP License

Optional RTSP License

Expand your Clip’s capabilities with the RTSP protocol and stream directly to computers or over the Internet to any of Teradek’s rack-mount or portable decoders.