Rundown: VidiU Go

Wed, May 16, 2018

We’re excited to announce the release of the latest addition to our live streaming encoder line, VidiU Go! As live streaming continues to grow in popularity, users are looking for better ways to get their content online. That means being able to publish high-quality live video from as many places as possible, whether that’s in a studio or out in the field.

But this presents some challenges. Live streaming depends on having a solid Internet connection, and in areas with tons of RF interference or remote locations with little signal, it’s difficult to get enough bandwidth to stream with. So what kind of solution is there?

That’s where the VidiU Go comes in.

What Is VidiU Go?

VidiU Go is an H.264 / HEVC live streaming encoder that takes in a camera feed (via HDMI or SDI) and streams it directly to online video platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc.

How Does It Work?

With a camera source connected, simply choose from a list of integrated live platforms (or Custom RTMP for private platforms), configure your stream settings, go live.

Accessibility is made easy on VidiU Go, with 3 different ways to tap into the user interface. The device’s front panel features an OLED screen with knobs for configuration directly on the unit. The web interface allows you to access your VidiU Go by entering its IP address into your browser. The VidiU App for iOS gives you full control of your streams from your fingertips.

What’s New?

VidiU Go contains major upgrades from its predecessor, VidiU Pro:

  • 1080p 60fps
  • AVC/H.264 AND HEVC/H.265
  • 2x USB ports for Node for VidiU Go
  • Dual input HDMI & SDI
  • USB-C power

Node for VidiU Go

The Node for VidiU Go takes the enterprise-grade Node modems and integrates them into the VidiU Go. A specially-designed 4G/LTE USB modem, the Node for VidiU Go is 2 to 3 times stronger than carrier-branded modems, and allows you to receive bandwidth in the most challenging of RF conditions.


VidiU Go features HEVC video compression, which consumes half the bandwidth of current AVC standards, saving you a ton of data when streaming. While most live platforms are still developing HEVC integration, this will future proof your streaming capabilities for the critical mass of adoption when the time comes.

Other Features

Sharelink - a subscription service exclusively for VidiU Pro and Go users, Sharelink allows you to do more with your device.

  • Multi-Destination Streaming: want to go to YouTube and Facebook? Or how about multiple Facebook Pages? By using Sharelink, you can publish your stream to several live platforms at the same time, all while only using the bandwidth needed to deliver a single stream.
  • Network Bonding - combine Internet from every source including 2x USB inputs, Ethernet & WiFi into a single robust uplink for streaming in challenging RF environments.
  • Remote Management - with Sharelink, you have access to your VidiU Go from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Manage and configure your device (resolution, bitrate, etc.) from your smartphone or from Sharelink’s web portal.

Live:Air Action - a live stream switching solution, Live:Air Action is a free app for iPads that allows you to switch between multiple cameras (w/ VidiU, VidiU Pro & Go units connected), add graphics, roll pre-recorded footage, create lower-thirds and much more. It then live streams the footage to any online destination.

As long as the Go is connected to the same WiFi network as the iPad, your camera turns into a remote feed for Live:Air Action, which you can switch between on your iPad’s control surface. Give your stream a professional touch.

Who Is It For?

With robust video streaming and a simple user-interface, the VidiU Go is perfect for freelancers, businesses and broadcasters alike.

Independent Content Creators: streaming high quality video is the best way to keep audiences engaged, and VidiU Go provides an excellent way to achieve it. Its reinforced Internet connection, small form factor and low barrier-to-entry gives individual users an excellent way to live stream.

Broadcasters: need a way to deliver HD video from the field? With built-in cellular bonding with Teradek Nodes or your own LTE modems, the Go can attain a strong  cell signal from long distances, allowing you to stream high-quality video without needing expensive broadcast equipment.

Schools: whether you stream sports games, recitals or morning announcements, VidiU Go provides an easy way to go live from anywhere you are. By live streaming, friends and family who can’t attend important events can watch from the comfort of their homes. Its simple user-interface means students can easily operate the unit as well.

Churches: stream from the church and outdoor events as well. VidiU Go is an affordable and effective way to provide your online parishioners with content wherever your church is.

Businesses: want to do a live Q&A for your company’s products? Or perhaps stream an event using multiple cameras? Use the Go with Live:Air Action and give your stream the professional touch your viewers deserve.


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