Bolt 4K Meets Mobile - App to Manage Wireless Workflow Tools

Manage your wireless workflow from the palm of your hand with the Bolt Manager App for Bolt 4K. Pair transmitters and receivers, manually select operating channels, and adjust video output settings on your phone or tablet.

Here are 5 Key Features of the Bolt Manager App that make monitoring your workflow more efficient than ever before:

  1. Wireless Pairing - Bolt 4K transmitters and receivers connect to your phone via Bluetooth. On the app, you can pair your transmitter with up to 6 receivers with the touch of a button. If you bring your transmitter into a new workflow, this makes it easy to pair to receivers already on set. No paperclips needed!
  2. Analyze Signal to Noise Ratio - Keep an eye on the quality, range, and strength of your wireless signal with real-time diagnostics.
  3. Spectrum Analyzer - Check for channel interference with a built-in Spectrum Analyzer tool, so you can select the best channel to avoid dropouts. 
  4. Manual Channel Selection - Bolt 4K operates over 13 certified 40MHz channels, giving you more options to avoid interference. Using Bolt Manager App, you can manually select which channels to use.
  5. Adjust Video Output Settings - If you have a mix of monitors on set, you can assign output settings per receiver for all resolutions up to 4kp60.

Bolt Manager is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Learn more at


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